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Quotes for
Cory (Character)
from Little Criminals (1995) (TV)

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Little Criminals (1995) (TV)
Des: [pulls up on a motorcycle, removes helmet] You fight good. And that's why you got kicked out of your last school.
[tosses helmet to Cory]
Cory: What's it to ya?
Des: Ever do anything else?
Cory: So what are you man? King shit?
Des: That's right. Hop on.
Cory: This yours?
Des: It is now.
Cory: Ride to school?
Des: Screw school. I thought you wanted in.

Des: They're puttin' me in a foster home.
[tokes on a joint]
Cory: No way. We'll just take off.
Des: [voice quivering] Where?
Cory: Who cares? Vince and my Mom got me grounded so bad it's like jail. Been locked up for three weeks and I'm sick of it. I took off school at lunch today and I ain't goin' back. I want out.
Des: You got cash?
Cory: No, but we know someone who does.
Des: Like who?
Cory: Chet's always flush.
[brandishes a gun]
Cory: Picked it up from your place last night.
Des: [toking] Still works?
Cory: I don't know. Let's try it. Hey Chet!
[fires gun]
Cory: That's what you do, right? You wave it at him, he shits his pants, we take his money - payback!