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Abraham Reyes (Character)
from Red Dead Redemption (2010) (VG)

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Red Dead Redemption (2010) (VG)
Abraham Reyes: I knew I had heard the name Javier Escuella before. He is from this province. They tell me he was once a notorious bounty hunter, and also one of the early revolutionaries.
John Marston: That sounds about right.
Abraham Reyes: All before my rebellious urges took hold, of course. I think I was still travelling in Europe at the time. I was living in Madrid with the ambassador's wife.
John Marston: That sounds about right, as well. Escuella was always a torn man. A cynic who desperately wanted to be a romantic.
Abraham Reyes: Whereas you, John, are a romantic who wants to be a cynic.
John Marston: Javier would die fightin' for what he believed in. He had a lot of passion, but no love. Although he really admired Dutch, of course, but then we all did.
Abraham Reyes: He was the leader of your little group of fortune hunters, verdad?
John Marston: When Dutch started fallin' apart, it hit Javier harder than any of us. He went crazy. It was like the one thing he'd ever believed in turned out to be a fraud.
Abraham Reyes: You talk about him fondly.
John Marston: It ain't exactly fondness. We was close once. But he never cared for me or anybody else, not any of his so-called brothers. He left me to die, when he had the chance to save me.
Abraham Reyes: And he didn't teach you any Spanish during all the time you were together?
John Marston: I remember cabrón being used a lot.
Abraham Reyes: Well now you get to pay that cabrón a surprise visit.
John Marston: I ain't here for revenge. I just need him and Williamson.

Abraham Reyes: Have you ever known power, John?
John Marston: I'm a semi-literate farmer and hired killer. I ain't in the power game.
Abraham Reyes: Then you will never have the knowledge that any woman will bear your child? That, for her, it will be an honor?
John Marston: I've known about enough bastards without making too many more of my own.
Abraham Reyes: A man like me cannot be with just one woman. It would be an injustice to the people I have devoted my life to serving.
John Marston: You have an interesting way of servin' the people. Kind of like a national gigolo.
Abraham Reyes: I owe it to the future of Mexico to breed, my brother. If I can get noble blood flowing through the veins of peasants, can you imagine how great this country can be? An army of Reyes! Of Kings!
John Marston: I wish I'd never asked...