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Quotes for
Jennifer Bancroft (Character)
from Going for Broke (2003) (TV)

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Going for Broke (2003) (TV)
Laura Bancroft: So Tommy, did you check out the soccer team?
Tommy Bancroft: Oh yeah, they gave me a form you have to fill out so I can play, and you need to pay with a check.
Laura Bancroft: Okay.
Jennifer Bancroft: And I signed up for a thing at school.
Laura Bancroft: 'A thing'?
Jennifer Bancroft: Yeah, just this mother/daughter lunch. I'm on the decorating committee.
Laura Bancroft: On the decorating committee? Honey, you should be hitting it up.
Jennifer Bancroft: Anyways, it's lunch on a school day, so can you make it?
Laura Bancroft: Oh sure I'll make it. But listen, don't be afraid to take charge, okay? Show them what you can do.

Tommy Bancroft: Hey look, slot machines.
Laura Bancroft: In a grocery store?
Jennifer Bancroft: Go on, Mom.
Laura Bancroft: Oh no, that'd be like throwing money away.
Tommy Bancroft: Yeah, but if you win the jackpot, you could split it,right?
Laura Bancroft: Oh the jackpot, okay, I'm willing to try that.
[puts coins in, presses button, gets 3 bars, bells go off]
Laura Bancroft: I won? I won? I did?
[releases coins]
Laura Bancroft: Look at that!
Tommy Bancroft: It's like free money!
Laura Bancroft: Yeah it is kinda, huh? Well, when I win, everyone wins.

Jennifer Bancroft: [comes home at 1 A.M] Mom?
[sees Tommy]
Jennifer Bancroft: Does Jim know you're here alone?
Tommy Bancroft: He's at work. I told him that Mom would be home soon and it would be okay to go, but she hasn't come back yet. Oh, and Jen... somebody stole my bike from the garage. It had all my favorite stickers and everything. How'd they get in?
Jennifer Bancroft: I'm sorry. But look, Jim will figure it out and it'll turn up, okay? Did you get anything to eat?
Tommy Bancroft: No.
Jennifer Bancroft: I'll fix you something.
Tommy Bancroft: Thanks.

Jennifer Bancroft: [calls Laura at work] There's no food in the fridge, and the power company called. They said if you don't pay them by tomorrow...
Laura Bancroft: I'm going to have to call you back. I can't deal with this right now.
Brad Bradford: [stands up] I should go.
Laura Bancroft: Oh no, please, Brad.
Brad Bradford: I'll think about what you asked and I'll call you next week. Take your call.
Jennifer Bancroft: [in the phone] You're not even listening to me!
Laura Bancroft: This *really* wasn't a good time, Jennifer.
Jennifer Bancroft: Well then when? At least when Jim was here he wouldn't let us starve! But you threw him away, what, are we next?
Laura Bancroft: No, no of course not. Look, I'll write a check and drop it off at the power company right now, and I'll go to the store and stock up, okay? I'll be home soon.
[hangs up]
Jennifer Bancroft: Mom!