Ethan Renner
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Ethan Renner (Character)
from 3 Days to Kill (2014)

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3 Days to Kill (2014)
Vivi Delay: Kill the Wolf.
Ethan Renner: I'm gonna need a new suit.

Ethan Renner: Don't take this the wrong way, Viv, but you're not my type.
Vivi Delay: I'm everybody's type.

Ethan Renner: The longer I was gone, it felt like the harder it was to come back.

Ethan Renner: You hear me in there? I'm sending you down.

Ethan Renner: [about the squatters in his apartment] What exactly then am I supposed to do?
Sergeant: Wait for spring. Like the birds, the bees, the girls and the boys.
Ethan Renner: Did you really just say that to me?

Vivi Delay: I like a man that doesn't pretend to know his way around the kitchen.
Ethan Renner: Yeah, well, uh, you're talkin' to the right guy.

Vivi Delay: [surveying all the dead guys] Pretty good for a jobber.
Ethan Renner: You said there'd be one guy, not five!
Vivi Delay: Oops. But I DID say keep the young man with the mustache alive.
Ethan Renner: What do you think this guy looks like?
Vivi Delay: Middle-aged.
Ethan Renner: Not a chance. Tell her how old you are.
Young Man: I am...
Ethan Renner: Hey, make an effort, all right? I'm trying to save your life. Now tell her how old you are.
Young Man: I'm thirty-two.
Vivi Delay: Middle-aged.
Ethan Renner: Jesus Christ.

Christine Renner: Do you need something to help you sleep?
Ethan Renner: [noticing her] Yeah, I'm gonna need it now.

Vivi Delay: And, Ethan...
Ethan Renner: Yeah?
Vivi Delay: Lose the bike. Buy a suit.
Ethan Renner: Why?
Vivi Delay: Because I like my boys better dressed than the men they kill.

School Principal: As I was saying to Zooey, study after study has shown that aggression is exacerbated by violent images in popular culture.
Ethan Renner: Well, Zooey's mother raised her to be a pacifist.
School Principal: Hmm. Hitting a classmate in the face is hardly a passive response.
Ethan Renner: [looking over at Zooey] With an open hand or a clenched fist?
School Principal: What difference does that make?
Ethan Renner: Well, from my experience, anger, frustration, insult, they all call for... they all call for different responses.

Ethan Renner: Get on... this bike.
Zooey Renner: Or what?
Ethan Renner: Now!
Zooey Renner: [throws the bicycle down] I don't even know how to ride a bike, okay?
Ethan Renner: What kind of kid doesn't know how to ride a bike?
Zooey Renner: The kind of kid who never had a father to teach her!

Jules: Sumia wants to call the baby Ethan.
[puts the baby into his arms]
Ethan Renner: It's a boy's name.
Jules: No. It's the name of a great man who didn't shoot us when he could and instead gave us his home. She has chosen carefully. The name is perfect.

Mitat Yilmaz: Why don't you kill me already?
Ethan Renner: Because you're the father who knows best.

Ethan Renner: [she standing over him] Oh, my God, am I in hell?
Vivi Delay: So that's what it looks like to you, Ethan. Figures.