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Scott Mary (Character)
from Day of Anger (1967)

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Day of Anger (1967)
Scott Mary: Doc Holliday was the best shot in all the west. Him... not his pistol.
Murph Allan Short: Him... and his pistol! There can be an experience of a lifetime in a gun. But it's not enough to be able to draw faster than the other guy if the other guy knows a trick that you don't know. In my day, we had to either learn the tricks... or we gave work to the gravediggers.

Scott Mary: Hey, listen, stranger, what town is this?
Stranger: Bowie. Bowie, at least for now.
Scott Mary: For now? Why?
Stranger: Because it's going to be hell here pretty soon!

Scott Mary: Talby, now it's your turn. There's nobody out here left to take your place.

Frank Talby: Punches are like bullets. If you don't make the first ones count, Scotty, you might just be finished.
Scott Mary: I'll remember that.