Kim Burgess
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Kim Burgess (Character)
from "Chicago P.D." (2014)

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"Chicago P.D.: Push the Pain Away (#2.22)" (2015)
Kim Burgess: [while Burgess tries to go upstairs, Intelligence clears out for a shooting] Sarge, should I go upstairs?
Hank Voight: Nobody's shot upstairs.

Kim Burgess: Sarge, the palm scanner's not working and I can't get upstairs, I filled out the form.
Trudy Platt: Not my problem.
Kim Burgess: I'm sorry, Sergeant, I can't hear you, did you say something?
Trudy Platt: No. Call out.
Kim Burgess: I don't call out, I scan in!
Trudy Platt: And yet!

"Chicago P.D.: A War Zone (#4.5)" (2016)
Kim Burgess: Why would somebody stab their husband, and then go to class?
Trudy Platt: Because some people are crazy, Burgess.

Kim Burgess: And this is Sergeant Platt, the one I told you about.
Trudy Platt: You a Hawks fan?
[Chase nods, she holds up a team sweatshirt]
Trudy Platt: Good, because I need a Wingman to watch the game for me while I'm chained to this desk, can you do that for me?
Chase: Sure.

"Chicago P.D.: Different Mistakes (#1.8)" (2014)
Officer Kim Burgess: What was your first date?
Officer Adam Ruzek: Transformers One.
Officer Kim Burgess: So romantic.
Officer Adam Ruzek: I like that movie.
Officer Kim Burgess: It's cartoon robots fighting cartoon robots.
Officer Adam Ruzek: Exactly! It's awesome!