Chief Carl Villante
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Chief Carl Villante (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Dreamworld (#6.2)" (2013)
Chief Carl Villante: I have Homeland tightening security at every likely D.C target: government buildings, tourist attractions, transit hubs.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: The bad news is the toxin's versatile. It could be deployed through the ventilation system, it could contaminate a reservoir, it could be detonated with a bomb and release a toxic plume over the city. And if that happens we'd be dealing with a lot more than just a couple of deaths on our hands and -
[Noticing Castle]
Special Agent Rachel McCord: I am so sorry.
Richard Castle: [Shrugs] No, it's your job. And if we stop the next attack, it might mean saving me.

Chief Carl Villante: So, what are we saying here? That Bronson was murdered to cover up the death of an American operative, with the implication that General Reed is behind it? The sitting Secretary of Defense?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: A position he got largely because of his success in taking out Zawari.
Kate Beckett: His political star was on the rise. Maybe he couldn't afford to have damaging details out there.
Chief Carl Villante: But if he wanted to silence Bronson, why would he go to the trouble of setting him up first? And none of this explains the theft of the toxin.
Kate Beckett: Sir, he lied to us. About Valkyrie and about Bronson. Either he's involved or he knows a hell of a lot more than he's telling us.

Chief Carl Villante: What the hell were you thinking?
Kate Beckett: Sir, I was just following a hunch.
Chief Carl Villante: Next time, follow orders. I had to go to the mat with the Attorney General to keep your job.
Kate Beckett: Wait, Secretary Reed complained to the Attorney General?
Chief Carl Villante: If that surprises you, you're not as smart as I thought.
Kate Beckett: No, sir, it's just if Reed was behind this, he wouldn't have made that call.
Chief Carl Villante: Right, because he wouldn't want to call attention to himself.
[realization dawns on him]
Chief Carl Villante: Is that why you went out there? To force him to show his hand? I'm impressed.

Special Agent Rachel McCord: I was following up on Valkyrie to see if there was anything more to the story. This is a family photo we got from Rasheed. He identified this woman as the servant whose body Bronson took after the air strike. And we've identified her as Farrah Usman.
Matt Hendricks: Yeah, she's listed as a civilian contractor working out of the U.S. Consulate in Kabul.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: [explaining to Beckett] It's a typical cover for an intelligence operative.
Matt Hendricks: Yeah, and she was supposedly killed by a roadside IED the same night as the Zawari attack.
Chief Carl Villante: Well, that makes sense. The injuries from an IED look a lot like those from an air strike.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: That's not the story. Look at this. So, Farrah Usman's body was shipped back to Dover two days later. It was claimed by this man. Recognize that name?
Kate Beckett: Brad Parker? The reporter?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: One and the same.
Kate Beckett: I don't get it. How is he connected to Valkyrie?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: According to the paperwork, he was her fiancé. He's involved in this whole thing.

Chief Carl Villante: Where are we on tracking Parker?
Matt Hendricks: He's not at work. No one's seen him all day.
Agent Richmond: I can't get a trace on his cell signal. He must have turned it off.
Kate Beckett: Sir, if there's the slightest chance...
Chief Carl Villante: Hit his apartment. Go.
[Beckett and McCord prepare to leave, and Castle turns to follow them]
Chief Carl Villante: Castle, you stay here.
Richard Castle: I was given less than a day to live, just a little less than a day ago. If Parker has that antidote, I need to go with them.