Kira Yukimura
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Kira Yukimura (Character)
from "Teen Wolf" (2011)

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"Teen Wolf: The Benefactor (#4.4)" (2014)
Kira: These are your math notes? No wonder Malia's failing.
Lydia Martin: Um, some of them are my notes. The rest I think might actually be a code.
Kira: But you don't remember writing it?
Lydia Martin: Not in the slightest. But considering my drawing of a tree led us to the Nemeton, I should probably figure out what it means before it tries to kill us.

Scott McCall: We're going to use the boathouse for Liam. It's got support beams. We can chain him to one of them.
Kira: But how do we get him out to the lake house if he doesn't trust us?
Stiles: I say if it keeps him from murdering someone we chloroform the little bastard and throw him in the lake.
Malia: I'm in.

Lydia Martin: If we're playing a trick on someone, let's use the trickster.
Kira: Who? Me? No way. Not me.
Lydia Martin: Yes, you. You know what they call a female fox? A vixen.
Kira: Me?
Lydia Martin: You can do it, Kira. Be a vixen.

Kira: I wish they still played slow songs at parties. At my old school we used to at least have a few.
Scott McCall: Why do you like the slow ones?
Kira: I was always better at slow dancing.
Scott McCall: [Starts playing a song on his phone] Come here.
Kira: [Gestures to Liam] What about him?
Scott McCall: He can dance with me next time.

Kira: What is this?
Lydia Martin: It's a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It's a dead pool. And we're all on it.

"Teen Wolf: Illuminated (#3.16)" (2014)
Kira: [after breaking in and out of the police station] That was awesome! I mean, terrifying, completely terrifying... but kind of awesome. I've never done anything like that before. Have you?
Stiles: Yeah, once or twice.

Kyle McCall: What were the two of you doing?
Scott McCall: [Both talk at the same time] Eating pizza.
Kira: Eating sushi.
Scott McCall: [Try again, still talk at the same time] Eating sushi.
Kira: Eating pizza.
Scott McCall, Kira: Eating sushi and pizza.
Kyle McCall: You believe this?
Sheriff Stilinski: To be honest, I haven't believed a word Stiles has said since he learned how to speak. But I think these kids found themselves in the right place at the right time and that girl sitting there is very lucky for it.

Kira: You didn't tell him anything, did you? About the pictures?
Scott McCall: Oh, no, I just said that you have some pictures of you on your phone that you didn't want anyone to see.
Kira: What kind of pictures?
Scott McCall: Naked pictures.
Kira: [Slight pause] Oh. Good idea.

"Teen Wolf: The Fox and the Wolf (#3.21)" (2014)
Scott McCall: If that's you, then you'd have to be like 90 years old.
Mrs. Yukimura: Closer to 900.
Kira: OK. Sure. Dad, how old are you?
Mr. Yukimura: Forty-three. But I've been told I look mid 30s.

Kira: Okay, stop. Just stop! We don't wanna hear your Casablanca story. We wanna know how to save Stiles.

Mrs. Yukimura: Do you trust me?
Kira: I just found out you're 900 years old. I don't think I'm ever gonna trust you again.

"Teen Wolf: Time of Death (#4.8)" (2014)
Liam Dunbar: So, you've done this before, right?
Noshiko Yukimura: I've seen it done.
Liam Dunbar: Is that just as good?
Noshiko Yukimura: No.
Kira Yukimura: Mom, you're not inspiring confidence.
Noshiko Yukimura: Good. This is a terrible idea.

Liam Dunbar: Are we really doing this?
Scott McCall: We're doing it. Tonight.
Liam Dunbar: But isn't it kind of dangerous?
Stiles Stilinski: It's incredibly dangerous. And borderline idiotic.
Liam Dunbar: Have you guys done something like this before?
Stiles Stilinski: Something dangerous? Or something idiotic?
Kira Yukimura: I think it's a yes to both.
Scott McCall: You don't have to be part of it if you don't want to
Liam Dunbar: I'm not scared.
Stiles Stilinski: Then you're borderline idiotic.

Kira Yukimura: I just wish it had all worked. It was a good plan.
Scott McCall: Yeah, I've been thinking about that too. And actually, I think maybe it did work. Not that I know exactly who The Benefactor is but we might know a lot more about him now.
Kira Yukimura: But no one came. And no one got visual confirmation, right?
Scott McCall: That's why it might have worked. Think about it. Who has the power to know when someone's dead, but doesn't need to see the body to know it happened?
Kira Yukimura: A Banshee.

"Teen Wolf: Muted (#4.3)" (2014)
Kira: What is this?
Noshiko Yukimura: A "For Sale" sign. It lets people know your house is for sale.
Mr. Yukimura: I thought you were going to talk to her.
Noshiko Yukimura: Kira, we told you this was temporary.
Kira: That was after you told me I was a kitsune, and was going to have to destroy a dark spirit by stabbing and killing one of the few friends I've made in this town.
Noshiko Yukimura: And you didn't have to. I call that a win.

Kira: We're not going back to New York.
Noshiko Yukimura: And why would we stay?
Kira: Because... Uh... Well... Dad's a very important teacher at the high school.
Mr. Yukimura: In New York, I was a professor at Columbia.

Kira: An axe murderer?
Stiles: A family murdering axe murderer.
Scott McCall: I already heard about it.
Stiles: Wait. What? You did? How?
Scott McCall: My mom called me. She knew we'd see it on the news.
Stiles: Perfect. Let's go.
Scott McCall: Whoa, whoa. We've got Econ in five minutes.
Stiles: All right. Did you forget the part about the family murdering axe murderer?
Scott McCall: Did you forget that your dad's the sheriff? They want us to stay out of it.
Stiles: Are you guys kidding me? There's a family murdering axe murderer and we're not going to do anything about it?
Kira: Maybe we should just let the adults handle it?
Stiles: So two of you, you just want to stay here, school, go to class? Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life.

"Teen Wolf: I.E.D. (#4.5)" (2014)
Scott McCall: I think Kira's right. I think we should stop the game.
Kira: I'm not afraid.
Scott McCall: Neither am I.
Stiles Stilinski: Well, I'm terrified. And I'm not even on the list.

Kira: Maybe instead of trying to find a lacrosse stick with a hidden dagger in it, we should be trying to get the game canceled?
Scott McCall: The game's the best way to catch him red-handed.
Stiles Stilinski: But what if he's red-handed 'cause his hands are covered in the blood of the person that he just stabbed to death?

Ken Yukimura: We were wondering if you wanted to talk to us.
Kira: About what?
Ken Yukimura: About something that you forgot to mention? Something important.
Kira: Oh, God. You know?
Ken Yukimura: We know.
Kira: Look, I was going to tell you. We were going to tell you everything. About the dead pool, the assassins, the killings. But I didn't want you to worry.
Ken Yukimura: ...I was talking about you joining the lacrosse team.
Kira: Oh. Then never mind.
Ken Yukimura: Dead pool?

"Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon (#4.1)" (2014)
Malia: Alright. I'll ask. Who's Kate Argent?
Kira: [raising hand] Uh, I'd like to know, too.
Stiles: Well, we were at her funeral, so I'd like to know how she got out from a casket buried six feet under ground.

Stiles: We don't leave without people. Remember, we talked about this? Rules of the wild kingdom don't apply to friends.
Kira: Is that what you would do as a coyote, leave her for dead?
Malia: If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her. Then I'd leave.
Stiles: Believe it or not, that's progress.

"Teen Wolf: Insatiable (#3.23)" (2014)
Stiles Stilinski: It's okay. I'm the one who asked her to come.
Kira Yukimura: You're the one who's going to get stabbed with swords.

Kira Yukimura: You want to teach me to play a board game? Now?
Noshiko Yukimura: Scott said he saw Stiles and the Nogitsune playing the game of Go. That's a very important detail. Perhaps, even crucial. Play starts with an empty board. Black is always placed first. Then white. You place stones to create territories. And you capture your opponent's stones by completely surrounding them.
Kira Yukimura: This is life and death, Mom! It isn't a game.
Noshiko Yukimura: It is to him. And he's winning. You want to save your friends? You want them to survive? Learn to play.

"Teen Wolf: Weaponized (#4.7)" (2014)
Malia Tate: Kira, do you ever get the feeling that Scott and Stiles aren't telling you everything?
Kira Yukimura: What do you mean?
Malia Tate: Like they hide stuff.
Malia Tate: I think if they did, they probably have a pretty good reason.
Malia Tate: Do you know what they're hiding in the bag under Scott's bed?
Kira Yukimura: What? No, I've never been under Scott's bed. Or in it. Just on it... Wearing clothes.

Kira Yukimura: Where's Lydia?
Stiles Stilinski: She took it her freshman year.
Malia Tate: Does that mean I could have taken it some other time?
Scott McCall: Malia, you studied harder for this than any of us.
Malia Tate: Doesn't mean I'm gonna do good.
Stiles Stilinski: Well.
Malia Tate: Well what?
Stiles Stilinski: ...It's do well, not good.
Malia Tate: Oh, God!

"Teen Wolf: Anchors (#3.13)" (2014)
Kira: I couldn't help overhearing what you guys were talking about. And I think I actually might know what you're talking about. There's a Tibetan word for it. It's called "Bardo". It literally means "in-between state." The state between life and death.
Lydia Martin: So are you talking Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism or Indian?
Kira: Either, I guess. But all the stuff you guys were just saying? All that happens in Bardo. There are different progressive states where you can have hallucinations. Some you see, some you just hear. And you can by visited by peaceful and wrathful deities.
Isaac Lahey: Wrathful deities? And what are those?
Kira: Like demons.
Stiles: Demons. Why not?
Allison Argent: Hold on, if there are different progressive states, then what's the last one?
Kira: Death. You die.

Mr. Yukimura: I thought you said you wanted to make friends?
Kira: Not like that.
Mr. Yukimura: You said you wanted to be noticed.
Kira: Not like that. I could set myself on fire and be noticed.
Mr. Yukimura: Well then you would be dead.
Kira: Exactly.

"Teen Wolf: The Divine Move (#3.24)" (2014)
Stiles: So what's our move?
Mrs. Yukimura: At this point, you need a divine move.
Kira: What's that?
Mrs. Yukimura: In the game of Go, it's what we call a truly inspired, or out-of-the-box move. The Nogitsune has had sente, the advantage, until this point. What you need is a divine move in order to turn the game around.
Stiles: Okay, so is anyone feeling divinely inspired?

"Teen Wolf: Riddled (#3.18)" (2014)
Kira: You're going to tell Scott that Barrow might have used foxfire created by me to jump start the Nogitsune's power inside Stiles.
Derek Hale: Yeah.
Kira: Basically that I helped the dark spirit take control his best friend.
Derek Hale: You should probably wait here.

"Teen Wolf: Galvanize (#3.15)" (2014)
Kira: Scott, what happened to your wasabi?
Scott McCall: [Choking and coughing] I thought it was guacamole.

"Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina (#3.19)" (2014)
Kira: In all of the stories, kitsune are tricksters. They're mischievous. They don't really get caught up in right or wrong or even understand it.
Scott McCall: What's that mean? It's just doing this for the hell of it?
Kira: No, there was something else I found. If you somehow offend a nogitsune, it can react pretty badly.
Scott McCall: How do you offend a nogitsune?
Kira: I don't know. But if it's doing something this bad, then someone really, really offended it.