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Vontae Mack (Character)
from Draft Day (2014/I)

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Draft Day (2014/I)
Sonny Weaver Jr.: Let me tell you something, Vontae, and I don't have a lot of time, so I want you to listen to me carefully, okay? Are you listening?
Vontae Mack: Yeah.
Sonny Weaver Jr.: Don't Twitter. For the love of Jesus, just stop. Delete your profile, get off the web, do not do this to yourself.
Vontae Mack: I don't know why you care what I do. I can do whatever I want, right?
Sonny Weaver Jr.: Of course... of course you can, Vontae. But every GM in the league has now read your tweet or whatever they call them. And they've all made a mental note that Vontae Mack, however prodigiously talented, is a guy who likes to talk, all right? Who likes to spread rumors, who's more than willing to announce to the world any inane thought that passes through his head. And be it your god given right or not, Vontae, GMs hate that shit, all right? We hate it.
Vontae Mack: You made a mistake, Mr. Weaver.
Sonny Weaver Jr.: No, Vontae, I made a deal. And you're gonna be a great player in the NFL if you don't manage to sabotage yourself between now and the end of this day.