Mark Hammond
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Mark Hammond (Character)
from The Getaway (2002) (VG)

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The Getaway (2002) (VG)
Mark Hammond: Where's my son you fat bastard!

Mark Hammond: Quit playing games with me Charlie! I'm fucking sick of it!
Harry: He's out of order. I think we need to give him another lesson.
Charlie Jolson: I think we might as well have to Harry.

Mark Hammond: That bastard Jolson's got me right where he wants me

Mark Hammond: You're off your fuckin' rocker, Jolson!

Harry: He needs this one, Markie boy, he needs it bad. Do it for him, he'll owe you one - he's sure to give you your boy back.
Mark Hammond: He already owes me! He owes me BLOOD!... He killed my wife!
Harry: Yeah, shame about that one Markie - Nice 'arris that one.

Jake Jolson: Oi Hammond. What are you doing?
[to Eyebrows and Walter]
Jake Jolson: Oi, boys, in here!
[to Mark]
Jake Jolson: I thought I told you to stay put.
Mark Hammond: What do you think I'm doing, moron? I'm looking for my kid.
Jake Jolson: [to Eyebrows and Walter] What did he call me?
Big Walter: A Mormon.
Jake Jolson: What the fuck's that?
Eyebrows: You know, Mormon - them bible-bashers that come round knocking on your door telling you that Jesus is a fucking Yank.
Jake Jolson: [to Mark] You must be losing it, Hammond. I've just been talking to Charlie about you and your little boy. Very touching. But now you've got a job to do for us. You're gonna run this geezer over to Chinatown. It won't take long.