Charlie Jolson
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Charlie Jolson (Character)
from The Getaway (2002) (VG)

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The Getaway (2002) (VG)
Mark Hammond: Quit playing games with me Charlie! I'm fucking sick of it!
Harry: He's out of order. I think we need to give him another lesson.
Charlie Jolson: I think we might as well have to Harry.

[Jolson tells Collins about capturing Hammond and invites him to the Sol Vita for the showdown]
Nick Collins: Mark Hammond? You bet your fucking balls I would!
Charlie Jolson: That's the fuckin' spirit.

Charlie Jolson: It's time for Englishmen to stand up for what it is to be English. Fuck the Euro, the fox and the 'ounds, Bobby Moore and the 'ammers. Two World Wars, One World Cup. Feet and inches, pounds and ounces. Beer and Cockles down the Mile End Road.
Charlie Jolson: Land of 'ope and glory/Mother of the Free/How shall we extol thee/who are born to thee...

Charlie Jolson: Rise and shine Markboy, you've got work to do.