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Quotes for
Hector (Character)
from Night of the Comet (1984)

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Night of the Comet (1984)
Hector Gomez: [Yelling at think tank zombies] Think tank, huh?
[Flipping them off]
Hector Gomez: Think on this!

Guard #2: She's dead.
Hector Gomez: Hell, she ain't dead. This doctor shot her up with sodium pentothal to make this fellow think she was dead. So you wouldn't suck the blood outta her, you bastard.

[the Monster Kid smashes his way through the door with his fists]
Hector Gomez: Geez! There goes the neighborhood.

Regina Belmont: [running to Hector's car] Come on kids!
Hector Gomez: Who are the kids?
Brian, Survivor Child: I'm Brian!
Sarah: I'm Sarah!
Regina Belmont: Yeah, and I'm aunt Reg, and that's aunt Sam, and that's uncle Hector.
Sarah: Can I have my bunny?
Regina Belmont: In a minute! Beat feet uncle Hector.
Hector Gomez: Uncle Hector?
Sarah: Hey, it's MY bunny you know.

Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: [Danny stops next to Samantha after he almost hit her with his Mercedes convertible] Gawd, I'm sorry but you shouldn't cross against the light like that. Hey, you guys are survivors too, huh?
Samantha: [looks upward and mouths] thank you
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: What?
Samantha: Nothing. Great car!
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: thanks, I have 23 of em', you want to go for a ride?
Samantha: More than you know.
Hector Gomez: [to Regina] We don't know anything about this guy. Where's he from? What's his name?
Samantha: What's your name?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Danny Mason Keener.
Samantha: [to the others] Danny Mason Keener, ok?
Regina Belmont: Yeah, alright, well, just be back by midnight, ok?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Midnight?
Samantha: The burden of civilization is on us, ok?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Oh yeah. Bitchin', isn't it?
[last lines]

Samantha: [calling across the street to the others after Regina pushes the crosswalk button] What are you waiting for?
Hector Gomez: We're waiting for the light to change.
Regina Belmont: We DO NOT cross against the light!
Samantha: [looks at the red crosswalk light] Are you nuts, auntie Regina?
Regina Belmont: [sighs] You may as well face the facts Samantha. The whole burden of civilization has fallen upon us.
Samantha: What's that supposed to mean?
Regina Belmont: It MEANS we do not cross against the light!
Samantha: [walks out into the street] That's totally stupid, there's nobody here! See, we're talking ghost town!
Regina Belmont: [a convertible comes speeding around the corner, Samantha jumps out of the way to avoid getting hit, Regina says to Brian] See what happens?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: [the convertible turns around and comes to a stop by Samantha] Gawd, I'm sorry but you shouldn't cross against the light like that.