Phil Broker
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Phil Broker (Character)
from Homefront (2013/I)

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Homefront (2013/I)
Phil Broker: Come on, look around: beautiful house, horse trails, river in the back yard. Seriously, what else could we ask for?
Maddy Broker: WiFi.

Phil Broker: Whatever you're thinking, rethink it.

Maddy Broker: Dad, were you scared today? The truth.
Phil Broker: There's nothin' wrong with being a little scared.
Maddy Broker: Then why didn't you look scared?
Phil Broker: Lots of practice.

Lewis: Gator'd be pissed if we did something really fucking stupid.
Phil Broker: He must be pissed at you two quite a lot.

Phil Broker: You'll be okay, Teedo.
Teedo: [bleeding] Fuckin' rednecks!

Phil Broker: [taking him down hard] You smell the wood burning, Bodine? Now you connecting the dots?
[sees his daughter looking distraught]
Phil Broker: She just saved your life

[last lines]
Phil Broker: [on the prison visitor's phone] See you on the outside, Danny. I'll be waiting.