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Jack Cambridge (Character)
from Dangerous Child (2001) (TV)

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Dangerous Child (2001) (TV)
Sally Cambridge: I know you know what time it is. Jack, Where have you been? Have you been at the mall all this time?
[Jack ignores her]
Sally Cambridge: Don't you walk away from me like that?
Jack Cambridge: Look Mom, I'm sorry I'm late. Now if you don't mind just leave me alone OK?
Sally Cambridge: Where's you're homework? I want to see it. Jack, I called Coach Young. I know he's benched you this week and next week because of your grades.
Sally Cambridge: What? Mom, I can't believe you called him! Look, I bombed a couple of English papers alright but I'm making it up.
Sally Cambridge: And what about Biology? *Yelling* This is completely unacceptable!
Jack Cambridge: *Yelling* Mom, I said I'm making it up!
Sally Cambridge: You lied to me. Jack, honey I...
Sally Cambridge: No, ju- *he brushes her off*
Sally Cambridge: We've always been able to talk to each other. Now whatever it is. If there's a problem at school or your feeling a little bit sensitive about your skin...
Jack Cambridge: What about my skin huh?
Sally Cambridge: Nothing. I...
Jack Cambridge: *Yelling* Mom just get out of here alright? just get out of here! *slams door and punches it*

[Jack is holding his beat-up pet cat, Gus, and crying while he looks at how he hurt his pet]
Jack Cambridge: I'm sorry... oh god, I'm so sorry
Jack Cambridge: [Sally watches through the door frame with tears in her eyes]