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Quotes for
Isis (Character)
from Gods of Egypt (2016)

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Roman (2006)
Isis, the Girl: Do I have something on my face?
Roman: Yes.
Isis, the Girl: What?
Roman: Pretty eyes.

Isis, the Girl: My mother would like this face.
Roman: She got a number?

Isis, the Girl: That's an odd segue. One minute you're telling me that your boss has a three-legged dog, and then you're telling me that you like my hair.

Isis, the Girl: No, you pay me all the compliments you like, it's good for the ego.
Roman: I like your elbows.
Isis, the Girl: That one's a little weird

Isis, the Girl: Well aren't I just the most perfect little creation?

Isis, the Girl: I think it's good to be curious. One shouldn't just sit around and wonder about stuff, you should go out and find out what it's all about. Because otherwise you sit around just tortured by your curiousity, and then you'll make up some twisted answer inside your head, just to satisfy yourself. And you'll never really know what the truth is. It's torturous.
Roman: Wondering how pork and beans are made tortured you?

"MythQuest: Isis & Osiris: Part 1 (#1.9)" (2001)
Alex Bellows: How do they do that?
Cleo Bellows: Oh, trained from birth.
Isis: Chosen from heaven.
Cleo Bellows: Or that.