XO Mike Slattery
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XO Mike Slattery (Character)
from "The Last Ship" (2014)

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"The Last Ship: Fight the Ship (#2.2)" (2015)
XO Mike Slattery: Let's take back our ship!

XO Mike Slattery: [In the security room, watching and assisting his men take back the ship] Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha!

XO Mike Slattery: [after seeing Connor take down one of the helicopters with a deck-mounted machine gun] Boom.

XO Mike Slattery: Attention, people of Baltimore. USS Nathan James is back under the control of her crew. The ship is now engaged in the fight to free Baltimore, and spread the cure of the red flu to all of its citizens. This message goes out to Amy Granderson and all those loyal to her. Nathan James has been liberated and has joined the fight against you. We demand your immediate surrender. Lay down your arms or be subject to the full force of the United States Navy.

"The Last Ship: Cry Havoc (#2.12)" (2015)
XO Mike Slattery: Okay. Here's the plan, boys. Win.
Tex: Good plan.

XO Mike Slattery: [after firing on the sub with a huge machine gun from ashore and scoring a direct hit] Cheers, asshole.

"The Last Ship: Dead Reckoning (#1.3)" (2014)
XO Mike Slattery: Suppose there's no way to convince you not to go?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Konstantin Ruskov's a military genius. Literally wrote the book on modern naval warfare.
XO Mike Slattery: Maybe you can ask him to sign your copy.
[Chandler rolls his eyes]
XO Mike Slattery: Seriously, Captain, there's only one way out of this harbor. Every minute we sit here gives that asshole time to dig in.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: He's already dug in. Meeting him is the only way. I need to look him in the eyes.

CO CDR Tom Chandler: You were right. Ruskov was using the extra time to strengthen his position.
XO Mike Slattery: Well, it's not like we could just sneak out of the harbor. Even under cover of night, we're glowing big and bright on his radar.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: We've got the world's best fighting machine and an entire naval base at our disposal. Gator, find us a way out of here. Lieutenant Green, I want a tactical plan. Work with Tex. He's not Navy, but he knows the island and he can fight. We need all hands.

"The Last Ship: Phase Six (#1.1)" (2014)
XO Mike Slattery: We haul ass from here, we can make it back for the Series.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: You don't really think the Cubs are still in it.
XO Mike Slattery: It's the weakest division in baseball. We were six games up when we left.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Yeah, that was June. And they're the Cubs.

CO CDR Tom Chandler: Mike, we're not going home.
XO Mike Slattery: What are you talking about?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: The lab's two hundred miles inland. You saw the news footage.
XO Mike Slattery: We'll fight our way in there if we have to.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: And then what? Generators run out in a couple weeks, maybe the civilian population tries to overrun it. There's too many variables.
XO Mike Slattery: So what do we do? We stay on the ship?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Dr. Scott says she has what she needs right here.
XO Mike Slattery: [scoffs] Dr. Scott. We have standing orders from the president of the United States.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: From five days ago. In the absence of a command structure, I decide what's in the best interest of our mission.
XO Mike Slattery: And we have enough food here to last us, what, a week? How much fuel?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: We'll find what we need.
XO Mike Slattery: We'll die out there.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: No. We will not.
XO Mike Slattery: Tom, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it's not gonna work. People want to get home.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: And who exactly gets to go home when we have 80 biohazard suits for 216 people?
XO Mike Slattery: We draw lots.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I can't think like that, Mike.
XO Mike Slattery: It'll at least give people a chance to get back to their families, to say goodbye.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I'm not letting anybody on this ship give up.
XO Mike Slattery: That's not your call. You don't get to play god.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I'm still the captain of this ship. Now, I've laid out our mission. I expect you to fall in line.

"The Last Ship: Achilles (#2.5)" (2015)
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Only one thing I hate more than seeing a submarine on sonar.
XO Mike Slattery: What's that?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: *Not* seeing one.

XO Mike Slattery: Maybe our prisoner can enlighten us.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: He conscious?
XO Mike Slattery: Weak. But conscious.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I'd say go easy on him... but I wouldn't really mean it.
XO Mike Slattery: Aye, aye.

"The Last Ship: Solace (#2.4)" (2015)
XO Mike Slattery: Find me something to shoot!

XO Mike Slattery: CIC, Bridge. Hostiles operating aboard Solace. I need a 360 surface search. They didn't come from nowhere. Find me a ship.

"The Last Ship: Safe Zone (#2.8)" (2015)
CO CDR Tom Chandler: According to Sean, you're the chosen, right? I would think a ship carrying the cure, labs trying to manufacture that cure, well... that would be the greatest threat possible to him.
Michener: We are strong because of our strength. We don't need to destroy anyone else.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: So you believe we have the cure?
Michener: I believe you think you do.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: And you've seen our instructions from the President, the Secretary of the Navy?
Michener: I've seen them. They're from months ago. They're obsolete.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Well, that leaves me in a bit of a bind. We have standing orders from the previous administration, orders that are consistent with national protocols. And then we have you, the new president, issuing orders that don't seem to be in the national interest at all.
Michener: The national interest is saving what's left of this country. Sean Ramsey and our movement give the country the best chance at that.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Convince me. Tell me how it all happened; how you came to this point, why you're so sure of what you believe.
XO Mike Slattery: [watching on a surveillance monitor] Is he trying to turn him or get the intel?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Come on, Mr. President. You want off this ship, you're gonna have to convince me.

"The Last Ship: El Toro (#1.5)" (2014)
XO Mike Slattery: This cannot stand.
CMC Jeter: Sir, with all due respect...
XO Mike Slattery: I know it's not our mission, and I don't care. We cannot leave those people like that.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I counted thirteen guards. Seven in the tent compound, four in the village.
Lt. Danny Green: Two on the perimeter. At night, they might up the ante, especially if they think we might be turning around.
CMC Jeter: Gentlemen, let's keep our heads cool. This is not the mission at hand.
Lt. Danny Green: We're supposed to be saving the world. Shouldn't it be worth saving?
CMC Jeter: If we had Burk and Tex and weapons, maybe, but this? What if we don't make it back? What happens to him, hmm? What's Dr. Scott gonna do without the monkeys? What's our crew gonna do without its leader?
XO Mike Slattery: I have daughters. You have a daughter.
CMC Jeter: Sir?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: We came to hunt.

"The Last Ship: It's Not a Rumor (#2.3)" (2015)
XO Mike Slattery: [Chandler walks up to him after they both return to the ship] You don't have to say anything.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I'm glad you're still with us, Mike.
XO Mike Slattery: You didn't think about staying with them?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: It's all I thought about.
XO Mike Slattery: You mean I could have had my first command?
[They look at each other and smile]

"The Last Ship: Alone and Unafraid (#2.7)" (2015)
CO CDR Tom Chandler: [about Sean's militia] They're organized, Mike. Much more than you'd imagine.
XO Mike Slattery: Our country's been without a leader for months now. It was only a matter of time before someone like Ramsey to come along and try to take power.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: He's got something. These people believe what he's selling.

"The Last Ship: SOS (#1.7)" (2014)
XO Mike Slattery: We didn't want to hit you with this until you were back on your feet, but you're aware that we're punishing Lieutenant Foster.
Lt. Danny Green: I am.
XO Mike Slattery: We thought two weeks double night watch would be good for you. Starting tonight.
Lt. Danny Green: Yes, sir.
XO Mike Slattery: And complete transparency as to why you're being punished. It's not enough that people know you broke the rules. They need to know why breaking the rules is dangerous.
Lt. Danny Green: You should know, sir, I cut it off after that night.
XO Mike Slattery: Doesn't change a word I've said.
Lt. Danny Green: I just don't want people to lose faith in me, sir.
XO Mike Slattery: You're a leader. Lead.

"The Last Ship: Long Day's Journey (#2.6)" (2015)
Lt. Kara Foster: Sir, U.A.V. at 5,000 feet. Thirty miles north of vulture team.
XO Mike Slattery: Nothing for miles.
Lt. Kara Foster: In th... in those swamps, you'd think we'd get a heat signature off an alligator or something.
XO Mike Slattery: Nah, gators are cold-blooded. In Florida heat, they'd look about as warm as the ground around 'em.
Lt. Kara Foster: Right. Sorry, sir. We don't have too many gators where I'm from.
XO Mike Slattery: Yeah, well, my son taught me that. He hated school, but he knew everything about animals and dinosaurs.

"The Last Ship: Welcome to Gitmo (#1.2)" (2014)
CO CDR Tom Chandler: I know, Mike. She lied to us for four months.
XO Mike Slattery: Yeah, and while she was talking to home every week, we didn't even get a chance to warn our families. We're just supposed to get over that?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: Yeah, we are.
XO Mike Slattery: Well, she's got a long way to go before she earns my trust. That's all.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: What about me? There's no Navy, no infrastructure, no food or fuel supply. We don't know what we're gonna find anywhere we go, and we're gonna have to improvise every step of the way. Now, I'm gonna need my XO...
XO Mike Slattery: To fall in line?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: To execute, whether or not he agrees with my decisions. Now, I'm gonna ask you one time and one time only: are you with me?
XO Mike Slattery: I took an oath, and I still respect the chain of command.
CO CDR Tom Chandler: That wasn't my question.
XO Mike Slattery: I'm with you.
[Slattery turns to leave]
XO Mike Slattery: You really think she can do this?
CO CDR Tom Chandler: She's the only hope we got.