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Dennis Abbott (Character)
from "The Mentalist" (2008)

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"The Mentalist: Silver Wings of Time (#6.17)" (2014)
Teresa Lisbon: You think this is terrorists?
Dennis Abbott: Well, we can't rule it out.
Patrick Jane: Well, I think we can. Someone just wanted the dead guy dead.
Dennis Abbott: And why do you think that?
Patrick Jane: Because he's dead. I mean, look at this place. Bomber could of killed a dozen people if he wanted to. But, nope, this guy just bumped off one. Pretty ineffective terrorism, if you ask me.

Dennis Abbott: [Outside the apartment] FBI. Open the door.
Gina Petrocelli: Okay. I just got out of the shower. I need a minute.
Dennis Abbott: You have 30 seconds.
Gina Petrocelli: [See she is actually fully clothed, preparing for a hasty getaway] No problem. Just need to dry off. What's this about, anyway?
Dennis Abbott: Ms.Petrocelli...
Gina Petrocelli: Okay, just Don't shoot or anything. Just need to put some pants on.
[She tries to jump onto the fire escape, Lisbon is waiting]
Teresa Lisbon: Those pants look all right to me, Gina.

Dennis Abbott: The D. A. had circumstantial evidence and a piece of Luis' clothing with the dead woman's blood on it. The blood clinched it.
Patrick Jane: Yes, well, blood's very easy to plant. Childishly easy, really.

Dennis Abbott: We believe that David Ronaldo was murdered because he had evidence that would clear Luis Cruz. We need to find out what that was. And because they're going to execute Cruz in about...
[Checks watch]
Dennis Abbott: ...50 hours, we should hurry up.
Kim Fischer: Boss, is there any evidence that the cops or the prosecutors made a mistake?
Dennis Abbott: Not that I can point to.
Kim Fischer: And this case was fully appealed, right?
Dennis Abbott: Yes.
Kim Fischer: Then can I ask why we're taking this on? I don't want to sound cold, but it seems to me that the system did what it was supposed to do.
Patrick Jane: No, it didn't. Because Luis Cruz is innocent.
Kim Fischer: You're absolutely certain of that?
Patrick Jane: Well, I'm not absolutely certain of anything. But I'm confident enough to know that I'd like to try and help.
Kimball Cho: That's good enough for me.
Teresa Lisbon: Me too.
Kim Fischer: Okay. Let's do it.
Dennis Abbott: Fischer, Cho, work Ronaldo. Go to his apartment, see if you can find anything. I'll call the governor's office and let him know what we're up to. Jane, Lisbon, talk to the Feinbergs. Wylie... just keep letting us know what time it is.

"The Mentalist: Blue Bird (#6.22)" (2014)
Kimball Cho: [about Lisbon] It's weird how mad she got. I mean, Jane's pulled way worse stunts than this. He buried a man alive once.
Dennis Abbott: Really?
Kimball Cho: She wasn't nearly as angry as this.

Dennis Abbott: He stood in my office, looked me in the eye, and lied to me, and I bought it.
Kimball Cho: Don't feel bad. Jane could sell cats to mice.

Dennis Abbott: Oh, speak of the devil, a text from Jane. "Soz". Soz?
Kimball Cho: SOS!

Patrick Jane: I need your car keys. I got to get to the airport. It's an emergency.
Dennis Abbott: Where's Lisbon?
Patrick Jane: She's at the airport.
Dennis Abbott: Oh, I see.
[Gives his keys to Jane]
Patrick Jane: Thank you.
[Starts to leave]
Dennis Abbott: Hey, hey, hey. You want to give us some guidance?
Patrick Jane: Uh, those two...
[Points to Monica and Tanya]
Patrick Jane: ...Are the bad guys.
[Points to Baxter and Randolph]
Patrick Jane: They're the good guys. And blonde's an embezzler, I suspect.

"The Mentalist: My Blue Heaven (#6.9)" (2013)
Dennis Abbott: [to Jane] If it were up to me you'd be headed home in a cargo plane with a sack over your head.

Teresa Lisbon: When are you guys going to give up chasing him?
Dennis Abbott: We're the FBI. We don't give up.

"The Mentalist: White Orchids (#7.13)" (2015)
Kimball Cho: We have to assume that Keller is alive and looking for Jane. How many agents are you gonna have at their wedding?
Dennis Abbott: Four, but now I think we should probably have more.
Kimball Cho: At least ten. We're gonna need eyes on the front and back yards, and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We should have a chopper on standby in case we need to pursue.
Rick Tork: Yes, sir. But... wouldn't it be wiser to just... postpone the wedding?
Kimball Cho: [Cho and Abbott both stare at Tork] Postpone the wedding? We're the FBI.
Rick Tork: There is that upside. We can use the wedding as bait. Kinda.
[Cho and Abbott continue to stare at him]
Rick Tork: ... I'm gonna go check on that chopper.

Dennis Abbott: I've been getting some calls about you. My bosses want to know if you're sticking around.
Patrick Jane: That's a good question.
Dennis Abbott: Mm.
[No answer from Jane]
Dennis Abbott: All right, well, no pressure. But if you're going, there is some legal stuff that we need to handle, to expunge that deal that we made.
Patrick Jane: [Grins] The napkin.
Dennis Abbott: Mm-hmm.
Patrick Jane: I'm getting married tomorrow. Then I'm building a house, and... beyond that, I genuinely have no idea. But I can't do this job forever... but it's going to be tough to give it up.
Dennis Abbott: Yeah, sort of giving up making a difference, huh?
Patrick Jane: No, everyone makes a difference. Hard to give up the chase.
Dennis Abbott: Oh, yeah. That it is. So, you, uh... let me know when you know.
Patrick Jane: I will.
Dennis Abbott: It has been very good working with you, Patrick.
Patrick Jane: You too, Dennis.
[They shake hands]

"The Mentalist: Green Thumb (#6.10)" (2013)
Dennis Abbott: If there's one thing that this job kills inside, it's a sense of trust.

Patrick Jane: You called me an asset. That's so touching.
Dennis Abbott: I'm an optimist.

"The Mentalist: The Greybar Hotel (#7.2)" (2014)
Dennis Abbott: [to Marie] A cruel man would tack on running red lights and speeding but I'm not a cruel man

"The Mentalist: Black Helicopters (#6.13)" (2014)
Dennis Abbott: Jane is making a sincere effort to fit in.
Kim Fischer: No, he's not.
Dennis Abbott: Look at what he gave me yesterday.
[Shows her a robotic toy]
Kim Fischer: A robot.
Dennis Abbott: No, this is just not a robot. This is *Voltron*, okay? I used to love this when I was a kid.
Kim Fischer: He *ditched* me.
Dennis Abbott: That's not cool.
Kim Fischer: No, that is far, far from cool.
Dennis Abbott: Did Jane have something to say about it afterwards?
Kim Fischer: Who knows! He hasn't responded to my texts or my phone calls ever since. Where do we draw the line? How far do we bend for this man?
Kimball Cho: I just got off the phone with Jane. He says he needs a black helicopter, a convoy of vans, and whatever you have that looks most like a tank.

"The Mentalist: Forest Green (#6.18)" (2014)
Dennis Abbott: [Speaking to an empty cabin] I know you can hear me. And see me. 'Cause you've got a camera in here. You did it so you can blackmail one of Madison's clients. It's how you also knew that you needed to clean that golf cart before the tech got here. We only talked about it in this room, so we know you heard. It's how you also knew not to take the phone. But I still got it. And it still has evidence that will implicate you. And given the exchange that I know you witnessed in here between me and Mr.Gryska, I'm pretty sure that you know that I am willing to make a deal. I'll give you 10 minutes.
Gregory Dyer: [Footsteps] What kind of deal are we talking about?
Dennis Abbott: None at all.
[Dyer is surrounded by agents]

"The Mentalist: Il Tavolo Bianco (#6.20)" (2014)
Dennis Abbott: Did you hear the news? Your grand jury investigation ended. And they voted to indict you for murder.
Patrick Jane: Well, is it any wonder?
Dennis Abbott: Well, the A. G. is making it go away, but, you know, it's a good thing that you're under our protection.
Patrick Jane: Hm. That's a fact that you'll never let me forget.

"The Mentalist: Brown Eyed Girls (#6.19)" (2014)
Dennis Abbott: Oh, office scuttlebutt says that your new guy is ditching us for the D.C. office and maybe you're going with him.
Teresa Lisbon: Oh. Huh. Who told you about that?
Dennis Abbott: Well, you know, I hear about things. Are you going with him? We'd miss you.
Teresa Lisbon: To be honest, sir, I don't know.
Dennis Abbott: Hmm. What does Jane have to say about this?
Teresa Lisbon: If he wants to talk about it, he can. But he hasn't, so I'm sure he's fine with it.
Dennis Abbott: Well, maybe he doesn't know.
Teresa Lisbon: He's Jane. Of course he knows. Remember, Jane is a psychic.
Dennis Abbott: A *pretend* psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.