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Colonel Daren (Character)
from Red Dead Revolver (2004) (VG)

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Red Dead Revolver (2004) (VG)
Colonel Daren: Son, I reckon your pa's better off dead. What with him bein' such a yellow belly an all.

Gen. Javier Diego: Hahaha! We have those gringos right where we want them!
Colonel Daren: Uh, Generalissimo, you aren't planning to take on the entire Yankee Army?
Gen. Javier Diego: Do you expect me answer a stupid question like that? Prepare the artillery!

Colonel Daren: [about a prisoner] No uniform? He must be a spy.
Gen. Javier Diego: Take him to the river and shoot him like a dog.
Griffin: No! No! No! I'm not a spy, I'm a businessman. Please, I was just trying to get across the river. Please, I have gold, lots of gold!
Gen. Javier Diego: Hah! You lie to save your pathetic life!
Griffin: No it's true, it's true, I have gold!
Gen. Javier Diego: Bring him to me.
[Daren drags the prisoner forward]
Griffin: Its lots of gold. More gold then you've ever seen. A gold mine and it's just over the border in the territory. If you spare my life. I can give you half.
Gen. Javier Diego: Hah, why shouldn't I have all of it.
Griffin: Because you don't know where it is.
Gen. Javier Diego: Hmmm... You better speak fast.
[to Daren]
Gen. Javier Diego: We need some privacy.
[they move to a more secluded spot]
Gen. Javier Diego: Now tell me more about this gold mine.
Griffin: Truth be told, there is one little problem. I only own half the claim. My partner Nate owns the other half.
Gen. Javier Diego: And what if I were to kill your partner?
Griffin: Well then that would make us...
[offers hand]
Griffin: partners.
Gen. Javier Diego: [takes hand and shakes] Hah! Partner.