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Quotes for
Gabriel (Character)
from "Intelligence" (2014)

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"Intelligence: Pilot (#1.1)" (2014)
Riley Neal: Where'd you learn Mandarin?
Gabriel Black: I didn't. I got an app for that.

Gabriel Black: You took a bullet for me? What the hell are you doing?
Riley Neal: My job!

Gabriel Black: Riley, you've changed your hair color.
Riley Neal: I don't believe we've met.
Gabriel Black: Wow... that photo you emailed your boyfriend in college... got to be careful what you send out there in the world. That's called digital permanence. Right, Amos?

Gabriel Black: Now what? Following around a charming devil with a microchip in his brain?
Riley Neal: Impressive. Almost every word of that was accurate.
Gabriel Black: "Almost"? Which word I get wrong?
Riley Neal: Charming.

"Intelligence: Mei Chen Returns (#1.3)" (2014)
Mei Chen: Hello, Gabriel. How'd you find me?
Gabriel Vaughn: Your fat friend over there. Who else orders four buckets of fried chicken in two days?
Amos Pembroke: [indignantly] Hey! I eat when I'm nervous, okay?

Gabriel Vaughn: Get out of my head, you crazy bitch.