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Cornelius (Character)
from Once Upon a Forest (1993)

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Once Upon a Forest (1993)
Cornelius: Well, what do you have to say?
Edgar: Uh... sorry we're late?

Cornelius: Russell, your mouth is hanging open!
Russell: Oh, I want to fly it! PLEASE?
Abigail: Don't be silly, you'll crash it!
Cornelius: Correct, Abigail. It's far too delicate for Furlings.
Abigail: Huh? I didn't mean me!

Michelle: Uncle Cornelius, why do you look so sad?
Cornelius: My goodness!
The Furlings: Michelle!
Cornelius: Oh, Michelle! You're all right!
Michelle: Of course, I am! I just had...
Michelle: ... a long nap!

Michelle: What's that?
Cornelius: Great Honk!
[sees the Flapper-Wing-A-Ma-Thing]
Cornelius: My Flapper-Wing-A-Ma-Thing! But how did you get it here?
Abigail: We built it.
Russell: And we flew it!
Cornelius: Marvelous! Magnificent! Stupendous! You three have changed so much these past few days, I hardly recognize you.
Cornelius: You're no longer my Furlings. You've grown up.

Michelle: Look, Uncle Cornelius! All the mommies & daddies are coming back!
Cornelius: Not all of them, my dear. I'll never be able to replace your mummy & daddy, but I'll do my best.
[Michelle sniffles]
Michelle: I guess nothing will ever be the same again, will it, Uncle Cornelius?
Cornelius: Well, my dear, if we all work as hard to save Dapplewood as your three friends worked to save you, it will.

Cornelius: Well, Furlings, there are times when we must learn to accept... setbacks.
Michelle: Looks like one of those times, doesn't it?

Russell: I guess we wrecked the big surprise.
Cornelius: No, you just wrecked months & months of work!

Michelle: Uncle Cornelius, what's "ru-rumertism"?
Cornelius: Rheumatism, Michelle.
[his back snaps]

Cornelius: Russell, you are one lucky hedgehog. It's far too rare for a Furling to survive an encounter with... with...
Michelle: A monster?
Cornelius: That is a good name for it.

Cornelius: Oh dear heavens, not here.
Michelle: What happened? Where is everyone? MOMMY! DADDY!
Cornelius: Michelle!
[to Furlings]
Cornelius: We must stop her! It's not safe!