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Quotes for
Sally (Character)
from Grudge Match (2013)

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Grudge Match (2013)
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: But I've always regretted not beating Kid at his best.
Sally Rose: No matter how hard you guys work, it won't be your best.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: It's the best we got.
Sally Rose: Then go kick his ass.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Well, since you put it like that, he's a dead man.

Sally Rose: Don't make this fight with him about me!
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Don't treat him like a baby, give him his balls back!

Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Why HIM? Of all the people in the world to cheat with, why HIM? I keep thinking about it, turning it over and over in my head...
Sally Rose: I loved you so much, back then. You were training in the Catskill Mountains, and I flew over there to be with you, and you were with this woman, and so... Kid.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Nothing happened. I don't even know who that woman was, I can't even remember what she looked like!
Sally Rose: I know that now. I just wanted to hurt you as much as I thought you'd hurt me.

Lightning: [sees Razor and Sally together] Awww...
Sally Rose: Lightning! I can't believe you're still alive!... Not that that's a bad thing...
Lightning: Aw, this is sweet. You know, I had a hooker a long time ago, she was real great to screw... and she did this thing with a ping-pong ball...
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Hey, hey!
Lightning: I'm just saying, you know, seeing you together gives me hope. I could find her again one day.

Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: [to Razor] How do you live with yourself, knowing that we tied? You never beat me!
Sally Rose: I was there, he kicked your ass!
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: He kicked my ass, he only did that the second match because I was out of shape! The first match, I kicked his ass because I was in shape!
Sally Rose: You're pathetic!
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Pathetic? Tell her! TELL HER!
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: [to Sally] He wasn't ready.

Henry 'Razor' Sharp: You know, women are more verbal than men.
Sally Rose: Women are more verbal than men?
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Yeah, I read it in a magazine article: "Women are More Verbal than Men".

Sally Rose: I think we depressed the shit out of these pigeons...