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Quotes for
Jojo Stomopolous (Character)
from "Life with Louie" (1995)

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"Life with Louie: Caddy on a Hot Tin Roof (#2.1)" (1996)
JoJo Stomopolis: Alright, Louie, give me a tee.
[Expects a golf tee]
Louie: Tee!
Jojo Stomopolis: What? Give me a tee.
Louie: Tee!
Jojo Stomopolis: Are you listening? I said give me a tee!
Louie: [Spreads arms] Tee!
Jojo Stomopolis: I'm guessing this is going to be a long day.

Jojo Stomopolis: Where's my two iron?
Louie Anderson: Well you used it on the tenth hole.
Jojo Stomopolis: Yeah, and...?
Louie Anderson: Well, I thought you were done with it.
Jojo Stomopolis: So you left it there?
Louie Anderson: I'm supposed to carry these things to every hole?