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Quotes for
Lax (Character)
from Hello Herman (2012)

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Hello Herman (2012)
Lax: After everything you did, you think you deserve love? Why?
Herman Howards: Because...
Lax: Because why? I'd like to know. Why, Herman? Why would you deserve love? Say it!
Herman Howards: Because I'm a real human being like the rest of them. I'm a human being too!

Herman Howards: What's that on your shirt?
Lax: It's a Dodo Bird.
Herman Howards: Why are you wearing a Dodo Bird on your shirt?
Lax: Because they look stupid, but actually they're smart.

Lax: What about your mother? What would happen to her if you were gone?
Herman Howards: Well, it would have taken her a few days to even realize I was gone.

Herman Howards: See, then you're a kid, you have to find that one thing you care about, and stick to it, 'cause that's all you got.
Lax: What's your one thing?
Herman Howards: I don't know, I'll tell you when I grow up.

Lax: Do you know who your governor is?
Herman Howards: No.
Lax: Does anyone in your school know?
Herman Howards: They know who I am.
Lax: Well, for now.
Herman Howards: Forever.

[last lines]
Lax: Some people seem to think that the question is: What the hell am I goin' do with these kids? Well, they're wrong. The real question is: What the hell am I goin' do with those those? So, today, take your eyes off the computer screen. Log out, unplug. Go outside and exercise your right to breath. You're still allowed to do that. Take a momentary break from buy this, sell that, feel this. But, do it after the show, because today we're going to talk about what happens when you devalue a human life. Okay, let's take some calls...