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Anne-Marie San (Character)
from "Crossing Lines" (2013)

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"Crossing Lines: Special Ops: Part 2 (#1.6)" (2013)
Anne-Marie San: I'd love to get into her Facebook account, but of course it's password protected.
Sebastian Berger: May I...
[some quick typing]
Anne-Marie San: First try?
Sebastian Berger: The most common female password is "password".
Anne-Marie San: Seriously?
Sebastian Berger: Seriously. Male's is "123456". Humans are a doomed race.

[first lines]
Sebastian Berger: First, disconnect everything from the power. A surge could fry the CPUs.
Anne-Marie San: How could they have set a bomb here?
Sebastian Berger: Well, clearly, they've been planning this for quite some time.

Anne-Marie San: [to Louis] Be careful out there, Major.
Sebastian Berger: Hey, don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Carl Hickman: Don't do anything he *would* do.

"Crossing Lines: Special Ops: Part 1 (#1.5)" (2013)
[first lines]
Carl Hickman: [overlooking the sea] This was your beat?
Anne-Marie San: Yeah. Italian border, from here all the way up to Switzerland.
Carl Hickman: It's a hell of a lot more picturesque than where I worked.
Anne-Marie San: Well, the longer you police an area, the harder it is to appreciate picturesque.

Sebastian Berger: [about suspect] He has tech companies, financial companies, a string of high-end stores, even owns a football team in Italy. A team that never covers the point spread, by the way.
Carl Hickman: Soccer has a spread?
Anne-Marie San: It's called "football."
Carl Hickman: Yeah, whatever it's called, how do you figure a point spread in a game where nobody ever scores any points?

"Crossing Lines: The Animals (#1.7)" (2013)
Anne-Marie San: They're anti-capitalist bank robbers who are greedy?
Tommy McConnel: No, they're assholes with guns.

"Crossing Lines: New Scars, Old Wounds: Part 2 (#1.10)" (2013)
Anne-Marie San: [after fist fight with big thug] Are you all right?
Tommy McConnel: Aye. Just wearing him out, you know.
Anne-Marie San: "Shoot him, shoot him!" It was pretty high-pitched for someone who's wearing him out.