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Eva Vittoria (Character)
from "Crossing Lines" (2013)

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"Crossing Lines: The Rescue (#2.1)" (2014)
Carl Hickman: [about Anne-Marie] She was going to be a special one.
Eva Vittoria: She was smart.
Carl Hickman: She asked a lot of questions.
Eva Vittoria: The good ones.
Carl Hickman: The right ones.
Eva Vittoria: Yes. I know.

Carl Hickman: [about Louis] Maybe what he meant by "feeling like a cop again" was being part of a family.
Eva Vittoria: When you are a family, sometimes you lose people. But you don't have to lose them alone.

[last lines]
Eva Vittoria: Maybe now that we're family, I can start calling you Carlton.
Carl Hickman: Or not.
Eva Vittoria: Okay. Or not.

"Crossing Lines: Desperation & Desperados (#1.8)" (2013)
Carl Hickman: [picking up blood on a Q-tip] There you go.
Nicola Conti: That could be anything.
Carl Hickman: Maybe you haven't seen enough blood in your life. Maybe a worker got hurt. Might even still be in there, bleeding. Now. Maybe we should have a look in there.
Nicola Conti: You want to go into the warehouse?
Carl Hickman: Very much so.
Eva Vittoria: [perky] I tremble with anticipation.

Tommy McConnel: [after intense gunfight] It's okay, we got them.
Eva Vittoria: Where is she?
Tommy McConnel: Don't worry about me, I'm fine...

Eva Vittoria: [to Angela] I know what it's like to think your life is one thing, then find out it's another, that it's all a lie. When I was your age, my parents were murdered. Their car was blown up. By my father's business partner. Nicola Conti.
Angela Conti: No!
Eva Vittoria: After they died, I fully learned the truth about where our luxury came from. It took a long time, but I also realized that my past was gone. It had happened. It was what it was, and nothing I did could change it. You can't control your past, but alone, you can control and change your future.

"Crossing Lines: The Long Way Home (#2.10)" (2014)
Eva Vittoria: I can tell why you wanna spend holiday here, it's so beautiful.
Mateo Cruz: Not quite as beautiful as you, but it has its moments.
Tommy McConnel: Seriously? Let's keep it in our pants, mate. We're on this wild goose chase 'cause of you.
Mateo Cruz: Goose chase?
Tommy McConnel: Never mind.

Mateo Cruz: If there is something going on between you two, I didn't know.
Tommy McConnel: Just because I don't like you, doesn't mean I'm interested in Eva.
Eva Vittoria: [walking up] That's good to know.

[last lines]
Mateo Cruz: Hey, what happened?
Eva Vittoria: I think I just saw my father.
Mateo Cruz: Father? I thought he was dead.
Eva Vittoria: He is.

"Crossing Lines: The Animals (#1.7)" (2013)
[first lines]
Eva Vittoria: [entering] Buongiorno, Ragazzi!
Sebastian Berger: Hey.
Eva Vittoria: Hey.
[setting down a bowl]
Eva Vittoria: I brought love.
Sebastian Berger: Love?
Eva Vittoria: Uh-huh. Bocconotti. "Boccone" means "mouthful," but I call them "Boccone del Amore," which means "Mouthfuls of Love."
Sebastian Berger: Oh, they're a little bit like windbeutel.
Eva Vittoria: "Windbeutel?" You know what's wrong with Germany? You don't use passion in your food names.
Sebastian Berger: Yes, we do.
Eva Vittoria: "Sauerbraten?" "Wier Schnitzel?"
Sebastian Berger: Wiener Schnitzel is Austrian.
Eva Vittoria: Tommy, which would you prefer to eat? Something called "sauerbraten," or something called "Mouthfuls of Love?"
Tommy McConnel: [trying to snooze] Anything quiet.
Sebastian Berger: Didn't Shakespeare already say, "A rose by any other name is still a rose."
Eva Vittoria: Yeah. But that was about smell, and smell is not love. Smell is smell.
Tommy McConnel: [getting up to leave] I'm going to go where people know how to be quiet.
Eva Vittoria: Did you party again last night?
Tommy McConnel: Chill out, mother, will you?
Eva Vittoria: He needs more love.

[last lines]
Louis Daniel: [dials Eva number]
Eva Vittoria: [cell phone rings, she looks at it and throws the phone into the water]

"Crossing Lines: The Terminator (#1.3)" (2013)
Carl Hickman: You've got a heartbeat to give it up, pal, or that beautiful lady's gonna shoot you.
Frankie: I've been shot before.
Carl Hickman: Yeah? I bet you never saw the bullet coming.
Eva Vittoria: Anyone care which eye I shoot?
Louis Daniel: Lady's choice.

[last lines]
Eva Vittoria: I can't believe you creeps tried to listen to me when I went to the bathroom.
Tommy McConnel: What?
Eva Vittoria: Yup. Well, how did you know I was with her? I asked Sebastian to turn off my wire.
Tommy McConnel: I think it was the geiger counter.
Eva Vittoria: The geiger counter? Shirley was right, you're a terrible liar.
Tommy McConnel: I'm not lying.
Eva Vittoria: You are...
Eva Vittoria: [passing Carl] Ciao.
Carl Hickman: Good night.

"Crossing Lines: Family Ties (#2.8)" (2014)
Arabela Seeger: [about birthday cake] We were going to use 30 candles, but the fire department has rules against that much open fire.
Sebastian Berger: Yeah, they'd have to be waiting with a hose in case you couldn't get the job done.
Tommy McConnel: No McConnell's ever had any trouble getting a job done.
Eva Vittoria: Why does everything you say sound dirty?
Tommy McConnel: Your mind makes it that way. It's the way you think about me.
Eva Vittoria: Yeah, you wish.

"Crossing Lines: Truth and Consequences (#2.9)" (2014)
Audrey St. Marie: If you ever want to change jobs, you'd make a great stunt double.
Eva Vittoria: Jumping out windows and falling down stairs? That's too dangerous for me.
Audrey St. Marie: Well, you get shot at!
Eva Vittoria: Yeah, but I can shoot back.

"Crossing Lines: Long-Haul Predators (#1.4)" (2013)
Sebastian Berger: Be careful.
Eva Vittoria: Yeah, if I was careful, I would have just lived off my father's money.

"Crossing Lines: The Velvet Glove (#2.7)" (2014)
[last lines]
Michel Dorn: We have everything we need to send her to prison till she's as old as her victims were.
Louis Daniel: What about Sabina Baxendale?
Michel Dorn: Miles struck a deal with her. For full cooperation, she'll be released tomorrow.
Eva Vittoria: Did anyone talk to Carl?
Louis Daniel: He's taking the weekend off.

"Crossing Lines: The Homecoming (#2.2)" (2014)
Stash: [surrendering] Where the heck are you cops from?
NYPD Sergeant: [as perp is being led away] Hey! You didn't fire a shot?
Eva Vittoria: Well, in Europe it's different. Not all cops and robbers.
Tommy McConnel: Yeah, but if they'd gave me a reason I'd have blown their asses all to hell, let the Devil sort them out.
Tommy McConnel: [walking away] Don't let these guys think they're any tougher than us.
Eva Vittoria: "Blow their asses to hell and let the Devil sort them out?"
Tommy McConnel: I'm pretty sure it's from Die Hard 2. John McClane. Irish.
Eva Vittoria: Ah, Irish-American.
Tommy McConnel: Yeah, but the attitude's all Irish.