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DSI Julie Dodson (Character)
from "Scott & Bailey" (2011)

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"Scott & Bailey: Episode #3.4" (2013)
DCI Gill Murray: Karen Zalinskis got a PHD in clinical forensic psychology, Course shes scary.
DCI Julie Dodson: Thank you.

DCI Julie Dodson: Look at me, I'm shaking, I'm sweating. An hour in a cellar with four putrified corpses and I'm cool as a cucumber. Thirty seconds on the phone to Karen Zalinski and I'm a nervous wreck! Look at me, what's going on?
DCI Gill Murray: You're ridiculous.
DCI Julie Dodson: Oh sod off!
DCI Gill Murray: Rob says Mitch remembered...
DCI Julie Dodson: Is it just me? Does she not have this effect on everyone?
DCI Gill Murray: It's just you. Mitch remembered, he was the exhibits officer on...
DCI Julie Dodson: No, seriously?
DCI Gill Murray: Seriously.

"Scott & Bailey: Episode #2.1" (2012)
DCI Gill Murray: Hiya Slap!
DCI Julie Dodson: I am lying next to a hot, steamy body
DCI Gill Murray: Oh! Good god woman! Keep your dirty little sexual fantasies to yourself!
DCI Julie Dodson: Well I would Gill, but I know its the only excitement you get this side of Christmas.
DCI Gill Murray: Excuse me lady!
DCI Gill Murray: I've got a toy boy.
DCI Julie Dodson: [laughs] Oh yeah, We've heard about this! You know your mothers paying him to go out with you don't you?
DCI Gill Murray: Is that the acrid stink of jealousy I detect?
DCI Julie Dodson: No love, its pity. That was you looking like a knob on the news the other night, wasn't it?
DCI Gill Murray: [Sarcastically] You're so funny I've just fallen over laughing.