Raw Dog
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Raw Dog (Character)
from Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)

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Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)
Raw Dog: I understand why we're supposed to hate niggers. Okay? They look different, they walk different, they talk different. I get it, okay. But Jews, man... why are we supposed to hate the Jews? I just found out Jerry Springer was a Jew. Jerry Fucking Springer, man. If I seen him in the street, I would kiss his ass and ask him for an autograph. I got three Adam Sandler DVDs at home, and I just found out he's a Jew too. If I was in a building and ten Jews sit down next to me, I wouldn't even know it. So what's the difference? They got money? Well, money ain't so bad. Shit, I wish I had some money. They got big noses? At least they're supposed to. Damn Teddy's got a nose that's bigger than this whole damn truck, and he ain't Jewish. So what, are we supposed to hate him? For crying out loud. Jesus is a Jew, man. I mean, we're talking Jesus. We go to church every Sunday, and we pray to the king of the Jews, man.