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Shigeru Okido (Character)
from "Pokémon" (1997)

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"Pokémon: Beauty and the Beach (#1.18)" (1997)
Gary Oak: Ash, I know your out there in the crowd somewhere, but I didn't come here to make you jealous of me, Ash. I came here so some of my beautiful fan club members could make you jealous of me.
Gary's Cheerleaders, Gary's Cheerleaders: [cheering for Gary] Gary, Gary, he's our man, he'll trash Ash, we know he can!
Gary Oak: Thank you fans, great cheer! I wrote that one myself, Ashy.
Pikachu: [Pikachu falls off Ash's lap] Pi...
Ash Ketchum: We'll see who trashes who!

"Pokémon: Fighting Fear with Fear! (#11.33)" (2008)
Dawn: It's the poetry guy's grandson!
[the others facefault out of embarrassment just in front of Gary and Gligar, much to their surprise]
Gary: Hey, it'd be a lot easier if you used my name.