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Quotes for
Silas Selleck (Character)
from Slow West (2015)

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Slow West (2015)
Silas Selleck: [Narrating] That kid was a wonder. He saw things differently. To him, we were in a land of hope and good will.

Jay Cavendish: I know why you need my help
Silas Selleck: Oh yeah?
Jay Cavendish: Yeah. You're lonely. You're a lonely man.
Silas Selleck: Sure, kid.
Jay Cavendish: "Sure, kid." "Let's drift." Silent, lonely drifter. You're a lonely, lonely man.
Silas Selleck: No need to concern over me. Hold still.
Jay Cavendish: All I'm sayin' is there's more to life than just surviving.
Silas Selleck: Yeah. There's dyin'. Survival ain't just how to skin a jackrabbit. It's knowing when to bluster and when to hush. When to take a beating and when to strike.
Jay Cavendish: Where's your folks?
Silas Selleck: Father's in the ground in Ireland, mother's in the ground in Canada.
Jay Cavendish: So what keeps you from joining them?
Silas Selleck: I don't know, kid. Quit asking me shit. I was fine 'til you showed up.
Jay Cavendish: *I* showed up? *You* showed up.
Silas Selleck: Yeah, well maybe I'm tired of showin' up.

Jay Cavendish: "Wanted Dead or Alive..."
Silas Selleck: Dead or Dead, kid.

Silas Selleck: Breathe...

Silas Selleck: [last lines]
Silas Selleck: There is more to life than survival. Jay Cavendish taught me that. I owe him my life. Ho for the west.

Jay Cavendish: It's just a shame.
Silas Selleck: Is it?
Jay Cavendish: No. No it's not. Charles Darwin talks of evolution by natural selection.
Silas Selleck: For our sake, let's hope he's wrong.

Silas Selleck: Jay...
Silas Selleck: He loved you with all his heart.
Rose Ross: His heart was in the wrong place.
Silas Selleck: His spirit was true.