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Joshua Joyce (Character)
from Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
Optimus Prime: The world will know what you did here!
Joshua Joyce: The world? The world will approve! We can make you now. Don't you get it? We don't need you anymore.

Joshua Joyce: I can't believe I'm putting my life in your hands.
Cade Yeager: You want the alien gun? Take it!
Joshua Joyce: No, I don't want the alien gun.

Joshua Joyce: How do you say "Get the fuck out of the way" in Chinese?

Joshua Joyce: [to Cade] I may have started the apocalypse, but you brought your family. And that's, you know, terrible parenting.
Cade Yeager: I'm about one second away from knocking you out, taking the bomb and just leaving you here.
Joshua Joyce: Do me the favour, please?

Tessa Yeager: We can't go home, Dad. They blew it up.
Joshua Joyce: I believe I can help you with that.
[Cade embraces him in a hug]

Cade Yeager: [to Joshua] Hey, big shot. Your company's in serious trouble.
Joshua Joyce: You better have a damn good lawyer.
Cade Yeager: Really? Well, you better have a great one 'cause you're about to be responsible for the annihilation of a city! Now, you listen to me: your tech has been hacked, your prototypes are infected, and now Galvatron is after that Seed! Look, I know you have a conscience because you're an inventor, like me. Do not let Galvatron anywhere near that Seed!
Joshua Joyce: I control Galvatron. I created him.
Cade Yeager: Deep down, I know you know. Your prototype's been controlling you.

Joshua Joyce: [on Galvatron] Why can't we make what we want to make and make it RIGHT?

Joshua Joyce: The original Bumblebee was inferior in every way!
Bumblebee: You motherfucker!

Harold Attinger: We had a deal! You got what you wanted!
Joshua Joyce: [taking the Seed] I got what IT wanted!

[Su takes out a couple of goons]
Joshua Joyce: How'd you do that?
Su Yueming: Police academy, before my MBA.
Joshua Joyce: I love you.

Joshua Joyce: Threatening a professional CIA killer. Possibly not my finest hour. I'd like to have that one back.
Darcy Tirrel: Killer? I thought they were your friends!
Joshua Joyce: No. Not friends. Business. They gave me this bomb.
Su Yueming: Bomb? Is there a bomb in the bag?
Darcy Tirrel: Yes, there's a bomb in the bag.
Su Yueming: Shit!

[Bumblebee knocks down Stinger]
Joshua Joyce: [looks at Shane] What did you touch?
Bumblebee: [through radio] "I told you homeboy! You can't touch this!"

Joshua Joyce: Did you miss me?
Su Yueming: [blushes] No.

Joshua Joyce: [getting sucked into Lockdown's vortex] I'm going up! I'm going up!

Joshua Joyce: We got a real dilemma here, okay. I created incredible robots, it's all designed to kick that fat Transformer's ass! So, really, this is a no-win situation. It's over.
Hound: [flicks his cigar at Joyce] That was mean.
Joshua Joyce: HEY!

Joshua Joyce: What we do here is science. Because if we don't do it, somebody else will. Because you cannot stop technology.
Optimus Prime: We are NOT your technology!

Hound: [throws a grenade at Cade] Pull the pin, I'm dyin' out here!
[Cade pulls the grenade]
Joshua Joyce: IT's LIVE! IT's LIVE!
Cade Yeager: What do you want me to do?
Joshua Joyce: THROW IT!
Hound: Give, give, give!
[Cade hurls it at Hound who tosses it at some Decepticons]

Joshua Joyce: I don't wanna die like this!

Joshua Joyce: [on Grimlock] He almost ate me!

Joshua Joyce: [sarcastically] Well, this is a great place to hide, a big glass box! Nobody will find us here.
[kicks a wall]

[after the Dinobots come into Hong Kong]
Joshua Joyce: Good job!
Optimus Prime: YOU!
Joshua Joyce: Who?
Cade Yeager: [grabs Joyce] YOU!
Optimus Prime: Step forward! Your science will be held accountable for humanity's extinction!
Joshua Joyce: Okay, I get it with the whole socio-biological ethics thing...
Cade Yeager: There are some things that shouldn't be invented.
[Grimlock roars at Joyce]

Joshua Joyce: What was that sound?
KSI Executive: That's "the" sound.
KSI Spokesmodel: That you asked for.
Joshua Joyce: No, I asked for boundless. Transcendent. When you walk through a door in this building, it should like you stepped into the future.

Gill Wembley: Galvatron was...
Joshua Joyce: A fiasco. An embarrassment. And he spoke, how did that happen? You know what a flaw is, Wembley? A flaw is a total failure. I do not have control over my prototype, and I want to know why!

Joshua Joyce: [laughs] I can't... This is really happening. A man, me, who is worth over 20 billion dollars is now being chased by CIA assassins. That's the truth. And in the middle of a robot uprising. And I'm carrying what is, in essence, a tactical nuke. And the great thing is I... The great thing is that I'm, I'm barely feeling any jetlag!