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Quotes for
Alphonse (Character)
from Dead Man Down (2013)

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Dead Man Down (2013)
Victor: Alphonse. Don't go anywhere.
Alphonse: You coming for me?
Victor: No, I'm coming for her.

Alphonse: What happened to your face?
Beatrice: Car accident. What happened to yours?

Alphonse: I set a trap, Victor. I said whoever walks through that door at nine o'clock was going to have a real bad night. The person doing this to me - he's hurt. Someone who lost someone. Like the people in the picture. And he's in a great deal of pain because of that. And it's a pain I've caused. Then he kills Paul, and found he was in both feet. Victor, I want him to know something. I want him to know that if there's anything left in this world that he still cares about, I'm going to find it and I'm going to burn it down. He's probably wondering right now what I'm thinking. What my plan is. And how much I know. Wouldn't you be wondering what I'm thinking?
Victor: I would.
Alphonse: You know, you're the only one I can trust Victor. You know why?
Victor: No.
Alphonse: Because you saved my life at Harry's. It would be something, though, if you saved my life only to be the one who kills me.

Alphonse: Hey, you remember this problem I had you take care for me? Hungarian rhapsody. You stayed till the finale, right?
Ilir: Yeah.
Alphonse: And the whole family took a bow?
Ilir: Yeah.
Alphonse: And you're sure you saw the father take a bow?