Tammy Stackhouse
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Tammy Stackhouse (Character)
from "Alpha House" (2013)

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"Alpha House: Hippo Issues (#1.5)" (2013)
Tammy: [Regarding shopping trip with Senator Laffer's staffer Julie to purchase more conservative clothing] We found some darling jackets and some cute, little ruffled cross-over tops
Tammy: that don't show anything.
Louis Laffer: That new "Nicole Miller" line.
Tammy: Yes! How did you know?

"Alpha House: Triggers (#1.4)" (2013)
Tammy: How was your trip, Senator?
Senator Gil John Biggs: A total nightmare. Thank you, Tammy. And no, it would not have gone better if you had been there.
Tammy: Obviously, I couldn't have prevented Senator Laffer from gettin' hurt, sir. But you personally might have gotten the kind of press that is actually useful instead of just a video of you gettin' off the private jet of a glamorous Latina socialite.