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Quotes for
Sarah (Character)
from The East (2013)

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The East (2013)
Sarah: Gentlemen, we are in 32 countries, protecting your good names. Which is why it is essential very few have ever heard of ours.

Doc: [as he treats her would] Most people don't like to look.
Sarah: I'm looking because I don't want to.

Sarah: Why is it that self-righteousness always goes hand-in-hand with resistance movements?

Benji: You probably wouldn't like what you find here anyway.
Sarah: Why is that?
Benji: Well, because this is the end of the road. There's no where to hide.
Sarah: And you think I'm not tough enough for the truth.
Benji: No, I think you're not soft enough for it.

Benji: I guess you *don't* like it better on the outside.
Sarah: The jam worked.
Benji: Is that why you came back?
Sarah: I came back because I missed being uncomfortable.

[last lines]
Sarah: Please give me the strength to do well. To not be arrogant. But to not be weak. Amen.