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Krishna Mehra (Character)
from Krrish (2006)

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Krrish (2006)
Girl Child: Who are you?
Krishna: Krish... I am a friend.

[Krishna jumps out of tall tree with Priya. Priya won't stop screaming]
Krishna: [hanging from a tree branch] Stop screaming. Or else I'll drop you.
[Priya is still shaking, and she won't close her eyes]
Krishna: Close your eyes, not widen them. Close them. Close!
Priya: Aaaaahhhhh!
[Annoyed by Priya's screaming, Krishna drops her. She falls three feet to the ground]

[Priya starts to scream as Krishna sneaks into her tent]
Krishna: You're always screaming. Doesn't your throat hurt?
[Priya's eyes widen in shock]
Krishna: [smiling] Your eyes are widening again.
[Priya closes her eyes. When she opens them, Krishna is gone]

Krishna: Actually those fish knew me, they stood by me.
Priya: But you're not standing by me!
Krishna: I've come to stand by you for life, Priya.
Priya: For life? When my mother asks you what you do? What will you say?
Krishna: I'll tell her what I do, Love you.
Priya: And... what else will you say?
Krishna: I'll fulfill all your wishes, look after you.
Priya: And...?
Krishna: I'll never let a smile leave your face.
Priya: And...?
Krishna: Whether times good or bad, we'll always be together, just like eyelashes are with the eyes.
Priya: And...?
Krishna: You will dream and I'll fulfill them.
Priya: And...?
Krishna: In the scorching heat of the sun, I'll be your shade, and in the cold, I'll give you warmth. When the rain bothers you, I'll change the course of the clouds; and when a storm blows, I'll turn the winds away.
[Priya trips and Krishna catches her]
Krishna: That's how I shall protect you all my life, from every danger, from every trouble. Now I hope your mother will agree

Priya: [Finds Kristian killed by Dr. Siddhant Arya] What did Kristian do? Why did he kill him?
Vikram Sinha: Dr.Arya, might have started the future machine. In it he might have seen...
Krishna: [angry] ... his future...
[looks at his Krrish mask]
Krishna: would be exactly as Dr.Arya had seen.
[krishna changes into krrish and starts chasing Dr. Siddhant Arya]

[Krrish's first appearence]
Girl Child: [caught in the fire not willing to go with Krrish] Wh-who are you?
Krishna: Krishn...
[accidentally about to say krishna. The girl hears it as Krrish]
Krishna: Friend, friend come.
[the girl goes with Krrish]

Krrish Returns (2013)
Rohit Mehra: This virus wasn't born, it was made.
Scientist: Who would do something like that?
Rohit Mehra: A really sick person.

Girl in Crowd: Sir, do you know Krrish?
Rohit Mehra: [pauses to share glance with his son Krishna/Krrish sitting incognito in the crowd, before responding] I believe in Krrish. I believe we all have the essence of Krrish. Every person who extends a hand to help those in need is indeed Krrish.