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Twist Jackson (Character)
from Control Alt Destroy (2011)

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Control Alt Destroy (2011)
Twist Jackson: There's an alarm system. At night, something would trip the main gate when we shoot it up. But if we do it in the daytime... we catch 'em with their pants down. And if there's one thing I like, its people with no pants.

Twist Jackson: You sure you know what you're doing?
Jude: I do all the books around here. I just need your account number so I have somewhere to put the money.
Twist Jackson: Ah, alright. It's two-five-four-five-you an American? Let me ask you another question there: You know who the greatest American alive is? Alive or dead? Benjamin Franklin! Been in everything. Fucked women. Did it all. Fucked some dudes, too! We're gonna go buttfuck'n tonight! Nah, I'm just kidding, that's what he use to say. Not you and me! Not you and me, boy! We're gon-get the fucking encrypting done, God damn it.

Black Lightning (2008)
Twist Jackson: You know what I like about a sloppy joe? It's not the onions or the Worcester sauce or even that little bit of soda they mix in there. It's not about the dried honey, mustard or honey mustard. It's the fact that you can sit there and think about the last twenty-four hours and what you've accomplished and not worry about the negative. You ever seen "The Big Lebowski"? It's like that. I could have a nuclear warhead shoved up my ass and I wouldn't give a damn, all because of this little sandwich.