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Yanagi Sakoshita (Character)
from Recca no honoo: Final Burning (2004) (VG)

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"Flame of Recca: The Princess and Her Ninja! Power Awakens! (#1.1)" (1997)
Recca Hanabishi: So, you're finally awake?
Yanagi Sakoshita: Recca, what happened to your leg and what happened to that woman back there?
Recca Hanabishi: Hey, don't worry about it princess OK? Hey Princess?
Yanagi Sakoshita: Look, Why are you calling me Princess?
Recca Hanabishi: From now on I'm gonna be your own personal ninja!
Yanagi Sakoshita: That sounds a little weird.
Recca Hanabishi: It might, but a ninja always protects his princess.
Recca Hanabishi: What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Yanagi Sakoshita: No, I'm only crying because I'm so relived.
Recca Hanabishi: Hehehe
Yanagi Sakoshita: Oh no! I got snot on you!
Recca Hanabishi, Yanagi Sakoshita: [both laugh]

"Flame of Recca: Two Dragons! The Stolen Move! (#1.33)" (1998)
Yanagi Sakoshita: Recca.
Recca Hanabishi: Hun?
Recca Hanabishi: Wha? Hey princess, what's up why are you in the ring? I thought you went to the infirmary.
Yanagi Sakoshita: I did but... I was just so worried about you Recca.
Referee: Excuse me, you'll have to leave the ring now.
Yanagi Sakoshita: Since Tatsuko gave you a kiss... here feel my boobs.
Recca Hanabishi: Huh?
Domon Ishijima: What did she just say?
Fuko Kirisawa: Yanagi! Did you...
Yanagi Sakoshita: *giggles*
Kashamura: Fool!
Recca Hanabishi: What!
Kondo: What the?
Kashamura: Moron. I'm not your girlfriend. I'm the Uruha ninja Kashamaru! That other girl was nothing more then a illusion of my ninja temptation technique!
Fuko Kirisawa: What a dirty trick.
Kashamura: Falling for a simple trick like that, why the rumors about you were wrong! Tsukishiro... When did you switch places with him?
Recca Hanabishi: Ha! As if I'd go for that horse crap! You made one mistake. Princess would never do that so I got suspicions and you just fell for my substitution technique. You don't deserve to call yourself a ninja underestimating me like that. What a joke! And your impersonation of my Princess is way off, her boobs aren't that big!
Domon Ishijima: Oh yeah, like he's ever felt 'em before.
Fuko Kirisawa: You pervert.