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Yuu Morisawa (Character)
from Mahô no tenshi Creamy Mami: Long Goodbye (1985) (V)

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"Magical Angel Creamy Mami: Feather Star no fune (#1.1)" (1983)
Pino Pino: Hello, Earthling! Welcome on the Feather Ship. Here, I'm here. Thank you, you helped us a great deal.
Yuu Morisawa: Me? I haven't done anything!
Pino Pino: You showed us the way. There has been a bad dreams storm and I lost the way to Feather Star. But you helped us find it again.
Yuu Morisawa: That's strange: I don't even know Feather Star.
Pino Pino: Everybody knows it before birth. One of our messengers comes to see you just before you are born, puts his finger on your mouth and makes you forget about it. The mark above your lips is the sign that he left.

"Magical Angel Creamy Mami: Star tanjioo (#1.2)" (1983)
Yuu Morisawa: I'm running out of 10-yen coins. Please come and pick me up. If you come, I think something good will happen.
Toshio Ohtomo: Alright. So where are you now?
Yuu Morisawa: Near a big building.