Barton Scully
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Barton Scully (Character)
from "Masters of Sex" (2013)

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"Masters of Sex: Love and Marriage (#1.8)" (2013)
Margaret Scully: May I say something to you?
Barton Scully: Margaret, the boy wants to go.
Margaret Scully: No, I want Dale to hear this. I'm very fond of Dale, despite our very brief friendship. Stay single. I only say this to you because when you're young and in love, everyone thinks they'll be the exception. Sure, maybe mom and dad slept in separate beds, and then separate rooms. Maybe the older couples you know bicker or fight Maybe don't talk at all, if they ever did. But at your age, you can't imagine it will ever be you. But it will be. Which is bad enough, but what's even worse Is how much you'll feel like a failure Because when the person who knows you best loses interest, that really takes something out of you. Like surgery almost. And you really start to wonder If you'll ever be whole again. Anyway I'm babbling. Excuse me, gentlemen.