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Biography for
Odin (Character)
from The Virgin Spring (1960)

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In Norse Mythology, Odin is the head god and god of death, war, wisdom and magic. Odin is recognised by his missing eye which he sacrificed to obtain wisdom. Then he hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, for nine nights without nourishment. On the ninth night he discovered the magical runes, which means "secret". Odin has many names, Allfather, Grmnir (the masked one) Draugadrttinn (Lord of the Undead), Hangagu (the hanged god), Hroptatr (Sagegod), Jlfur (Yulefather), Sigtyr (victorygod), Vi vitnis (Enemy of the Wolf), Virir (the Stormer), Yggr (the Terrible One), Forni (Ancinet One), Ganglari (the Wanderer), Geirvaldr (the god of gore) and One-Eye.

Odin is the grandson of Buri, the first god, and the son of Bor by a jtunn, a giant. He created the world with his brothers Vili and Ve and took part in the creation of humanity. He started the first war, that between the sir and Vanir but when the Vanir got the upperhand he made a peace treaty. He has various sons and daughers, among them is the famous thundergod Thor.

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