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Maj. Von Falken (Character)
from Sahara (1995) (TV)

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Sahara (1995) (TV)
Von Falken: You've come a long way, Sergeant. You Americans must have a taste for lost causes.
Gunn: Well, with all respects, Major, I'm not the guy with a bunch of casualties lying around for the buzzards to pick.

Von Falken: Where is your officer?
Gunn: Well, our Captain is British, sir. You know how the British are. After a little action, they like to wash up before teatime.

Von Falken: Surrender your arms and you can go free, with as much food and water as you can carry.
Gunn: Well... I don't think so. We like it here.

Von Falken: Where is the Sergeant?
Leroux: Oh, désole. I'm all they could spare. The others are having tea.

Leroux: When have the Nazi's ever shown mercy? What we have, we keep! Try to take it if you want!
Von Falken: You keep? You keep what? Your country? We took that easily enough. Accept my terms... or I will send you to hell.
Leroux: [grins, then pulls his knife] Join me.

Von Falken: Smash the British flank? I couldn't even take an Arab brothel with this rabble.