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Rosie (Character)
from "Jessie" (2011)

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"Jessie: Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned (#2.15)" (2013)
Emma Ross: [the girls are in the screening room watching a movie] So, my dad got me an advanced copy of "The Sisterhood of Teen Paranormal Activity"!
[the girls squeal in excitement]
Bryn Breitbart: [Bryn holds up her DVD] Or, I brought the DVD of Ingmar Knudsen's "Cries of Ice and Pain". Knudsen is Denmark's greatest living auteur.
Rosie: You are so deep and European!
Bryn Breitbart: Aww!
[leans in and shows Rosie]
Bryn Breitbart: It's in black-and-white and there's hardly any dialogue. Watching is like walking through a long dark tunnel of sadness!
Emma Ross: Wow. As fun as that sounds, if I wanted to see cries of ice and pain, I'd watch Ravi try to figure skate again.
[the girls giggle to themselves]
Jessie Prescott: [brings out a tray of smoothies for the girls] Ladies, here are your "Night at the Movies" strawberry smoothies!
Bryn Breitbart: [takes her smoothie and examines it] Uh, did you use organic strawberries and soy milk?
Jessie Prescott: No, I wanted them to taste good.
[Emma laughs loudly to herself]
Bryn Breitbart: [takes her smoothie and the girls' smoothies back onto Jessie's tray] Sorry, I'm just not cool with drinking poison.
Emma Ross: Jessie, maybe the girls would like some...
Bryn Breitbart: Strawberries from a small organic farm upstate!
Jessie Prescott: Seriously? Go upstate for strawberries? Now?
Emma Ross: [Bryn shrugs "Why not"] Hello? Why do we have a helicopter?
Jessie Prescott: Hello! I'm pretty sure not for airlifting in berries!
Emma Ross: [pulling Jessie aside] Jessie, please! My hostess rep is at stake! How do you think it feels having the right strawberries for the royal guest at my party?
Jessie Prescott: I think you just defined "rich people problems"!

Bryn Breitbart: [noticing Jessie and Emma at the movies and taps Rosie's shoulder] What's *she* doing here?
Jessie Prescott: [to Emma] Just ignore them.
Bryn Breitbart: I thought we agreed we weren't inviting Bossy Rossy!
Jessie Prescott: [to Emma] Just let it roll off your back.
Bryn Breitbart: [about Jessie] And why did she come with that old lady?
[Jessie gasps softly]
Bryn Breitbart: [taunting her] Is she doing community service?
Jessie Prescott: [loudly] Say *what*?
[the audience shushes Jessie]
Jessie Prescott: Oh, it's just a trailer for a stupid murder mystery! I've read the book, and the poodle groomer did it! There, saved you all 20 bucks!
[the audience groans]
Emma Ross: [pulling Jessie's arm] Jessie, cut it out!
Jessie Prescott: [running over to the girls and Bryn] Look ladies, I'm sure this is just some misunderstanding! Bryn, I'm sure you would never be mean on purpose!
[Bryn throws popcorn at Jessie and then smirks nastily]
Emma Ross: [pulling Jessie's arm] Jessie, can we please just go? It's no big deal! You can home-school me!
[Bryn looks at the girls nastily]
Jessie Prescott: No way!
[takes the bucket of popcorn]
Jessie Prescott: Eat corn, mean girl!
[Jessie throws the whole bucket of popcorn on Bryn and it lands in her hair]
Bryn Breitbart: This blowout cost $200!
Jessie Prescott: So did this popcorn!
[a food fight begins between Jessie, Emma and Bryn]
Bryn Breitbart: [screams as she has soda sprayed on her, and she enlists the girls to help her] Girls! Don't just sit there! Help me!
Rosie: [afraid of fighting against Emma and Jessie] Can't I just be a conscientious objector?
Bryn Breitbart: No! This is *my* group now, not Emma's! And you guys have to do what I say, or I'm cutting you out, just like I did her!
[the audience gasps in horror]
Bryn Breitbart: [trying to cover it up] I mean... have I mentioned I'm royalty adjacent?
Jessie Prescott: Yes. Several times!
Bryn Breitbart: No one was talking to *you*!
Emma Ross: Don't talk to Jessie that way!
Bryn Breitbart: I don't want to speak to either of you!
[walking down the steps]
Bryn Breitbart: And you'll never be invited to my Scottish chalet!
Emma Ross: I thought you said it was an *Alpine* chalet!
Bryn Breitbart: Uh... we're a two chalet family?
Rosie: [checking her phone] I just searched online for "Bryn Breitbart plus royalty". The only thing that came up was "Al Breitbart, "Happy Tush" Toilet Paper King"!
Bryn Breitbart: That's ridiculous!
[Rosie shuts off her phone]
Bryn Breitbart: [admitting the truth] Alright, alright! So I'm a TP heiress from Yonkers, big deal!
Jessie Prescott: "Happy Tush"? That stuff is like sandpaper! Your family's product is as hurtful and abrasive as *you*!
Bryn Breitbart: Well, not *all* of us can be popular because our parents are famous!