Jessica Harrison
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Jessica Harrison (Character)
from The Man from Snowy River (1982)

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The Man from Snowy River (1982)
Jim Craig: I think they're trying to make a butler out of me.
Jessica Harrison: They're trying to make a lady out of me.
Jim Craig: Well, they won't have no luck.
Jessica Harrison: Thank you very much!
Jim Craig: Now hold on, I didn't mean...
Jessica Harrison: I don't suppose they'll have any luck making a gentleman out of you, either.

[Harrison is threatening to send Jessica away to a ladies' college]
Jessica Harrison: No! I won't go!
Harrison: [slaps Jessica] You're as deceitful as your mother.

Jessica Harrison: If I'd wanted your help, mate, I would've asked for it.

Jessica Harrison: [viewing from horseback, after Jim saves Jessica and they kiss, a change coming in the Aussie mountain weather] It changes so suddenly. One moment it's paradise, the next it's trying to kill you.
Jim Craig: Yep, that's how it can be up here. If it was easy to get to know it, it would be not challenging. You've got to treat the mountains like a high-spirited horse; never take it for granted.
Jessica Harrison: It's the same with people, too.