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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Institutional Fail (#17.4)" (2015)
Rafael Barba: [to Janette] Are you the most incompetent manager in the world who can't tell the difference between a false report and a legitimate one? Or did you instruct case workers to falsify reports to meet productivity goals?
Mickey D'Angelo: Objection! Badgering!
Judge Maria Ana DeFeceo: I'll allow. The witness will answer.
Rafael Barba: So which is it, Miss Grayson?
Janette Grayson: I didn't want any of this to happen.
Rafael Barba: You didn't want to advance your career by ignoring innocent children's pain and death, or you didn't wanna get caught?
Mickey D'Angelo: Objection!
Janette Grayson: I'm asked to do what the courts can't do, what the cops can't do.
Rafael Barba: You are asked to do your job!
Janette Grayson: Oh, God himself could not do this job!
Mickey D'Angelo: We need a recess, your Honor.
Janette Grayson: You wanna judge me? You wouldn't last an hour in my world. And if I go, who's gonna be on the front lines?
[points at Barba]
Janette Grayson: You?
[points at the judge]
Janette Grayson: You?
Mickey D'Angelo: Your Honor!
Janette Grayson: I mean, you dump the most hapless cases in the world on us every day! More and more! We get the dregs of humanity, children raised by wolves! And you see them come in this court in and out, week in and week out. They come to you as criminals. Do you ever stop to think: "Gee, what happened before that?"
Judge Maria Ana DeFeceo: Miss Grayson, do you need a break?
Janette Grayson: Oh, now you wanna gimme a break? After 25 years of "Make your quota, Janette!" "Push that paper!" "Hit those numbers!" Right, Matt? Right? It's impossible! And everybody knows it. You all know it. But you wanna scapegoat me. You wanna make me feel bad. You wanna take me down so you can feel better about yourselves. See? 'Cause you pretended like you don't know that there are poor people out there in the city. Broken people. You don't turn away from the homeless guy on the subway? 'Course you do. Everybody does, 'cause it's too much. You wanna put me in jail for this? Look in the mirror, my friend. Look in the damn mirror.