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Quotes for
David (Character)
from Wreckers (2011)

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Wreckers (2011)
Nick: [holding a lettuce] What's this?
David: You buggered it last night.
Dawn: You were sleep-walking.
Nick: Shit. Haven't done that in a while.
David: What, buggered a lettuce?

David: One of my students is cutting herself.
Dawn: How do you know?
David: She told me. Such a shame, she's a bright kid.
Dawn: You have to report it.
David: I don't want to get into trouble. With her family, I mean.
Dawn: You have to tell someone, David, it's the law.
David: Yeah, well. Social services, bit of a mixed bag. Trust me.

Dawn: You frightened me earlier.
David: Sorry. It gets to me sometimes.
Dawn: I hardly know you, do I?

Dawn: Why did we come here?
David: Because I want to do some good in a place where my dad was a tosser.

David: [tearfully to Dawn] I want you to be happy.