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Quotes for
Kennard Royce (Character)
from "Friday Night Lights" (2006)

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"Friday Night Lights: Swerve (#5.6)" (2010)
Kennard Royce: Hey, you missing the game.
Ornette Howard: This ain't gonna take long.
Kennard Royce: That's what I like to hear.
Ornette Howard: I ain't got your money.
Kennard Royce: What the hell you call me here for then?
Ornette Howard: Settle this business with my boy.
Kennard Royce: I'm-a tell you just like I told your boy and that hot little bitch he knockin' off. Till I get all my money, ain't a damn thing settled.
[Kennard pulls open his hoodie to reveal a gun on his hip. Ornette flicks his cigarette into Kennard's face and punches Kennard. He throws Kennard against a propane tank, grabs his gun and kicks Kennard in the stomach 5 times]
Ornette Howard: Now I done been in prison a long time, boy. You think I'm scared of you?
[Ornette kicks Kennard in the face]
Ornette Howard: You crumbs to me, son!
[kicks him in the head again]
Ornette Howard: You little bitch!
[kicks Kennard another time, then spits on him]
Ornette Howard: I'm-a talk to you straight up cause we got history.
[Ornette points the gun at Kennard's head]
Ornette Howard: If you ever mess with me and mine again, I'm-a put you down for good. Feel me? Huh?
Kennard Royce: [whispers] We straight.
Ornette Howard: I don't hear you.
Kennard Royce: [louder] We straight!
[Ornette takes the gun away from Kennard's head and walks away]