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Saducee (Character)
from The Cross (2001)

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The Miracle Maker (2000)
Mary of Nazareth: What did you say?
Jesus: Well, I said I had other work.
Mary of Nazareth: Your Father's work?
Jesus: Yes
Mary of Nazareth: You said that once... so long ago.
Jesus: But you remember?
Mary of Nazareth: I remember everything, all the way down to Jerusalem for the Passover, and then the crowds...
Mary of Nazareth: Nowhere... nowhere we couldn't find you. We searched Jerusalem night and day.
Sadduccee: [teaching in the temple] We must be strong in every way.
Young Jesus: What you say is true. And it is written, "out of the strong came forth sweetness," there is sweetness in God's law. And in His love, there is strength.
Mary of Nazareth: [sees Jesus] Oh my son! Why have you done this to us? We've been so worried!
Joseph of Nazareth: [to the Sadducees] Running away.
Young Jesus: Why were you looking for me? Didn't know know where I'd be? I have to be about my Father's business.
Mary of Nazareth: [remembering] After that, I lay awake. I lay awake for so many nights.
Mary of Nazareth: When are you going?
Jesus: At first light.
Mary of Nazareth: So soon?