Lacey Rivers
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Lacey Rivers (Character)
from "Femme Fatales" (2011)

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"Femme Fatales: Behind Locked Doors, Part 1 (#1.1)" (2011)
Maxine: Your going to be real popular in here.
Lacey Rivers: I'm popular everywhere.
Maxine: Tell that to the poor pedestrians you mowed down while Tweeting behind the wheel.
Lacey Rivers: I should be in Prague right now shooting a movie.
Maxine: Well, somebody better call Dakota Fanning because it looks like you're going to be unavailable!

"Femme Fatales: Behind Locked Doors, Part 2 (#1.2)" (2011)
Maxine: I heard you wanted to talk to me.
Lacey Rivers: I've been thinking about our little proposition.
Maxine: And?
Lacey Rivers: And I think you should go fuck yourself.
Maxine: I'm sorry. What did you say to me?
Lacey Rivers: Are you deaf and ugly? I said I think you should go fuck yourself.
[Rafe comes into the room]
Maxine: We are having a private conversation. Can you go back to your station?
[Rafe ignores her]
Maxine: I said stand down officer.
[Lacy jumps down from the bed and puts a pillow case over her head]
Lacey Rivers: Come up here! Under the mattress!
Maxine: [muffled voice] Let go of me!
Lacey Rivers: Come on, do it! Do it!
[Maxine continues to shout under the pillowcase]
Lacey Rivers: Go on, Rafe!
Maxine: [Maxine muffles] Rafe!
Lacey Rivers: It's the only way we can be together. Come on, do it.
[Lacy throws Maxine at Rafe, the knife penetrates her, Maxine takes the pillowcase off her head]
Lacey Rivers: Do it, come on. Finish her off. Come on, Rafe.
Rafe: No.
Lacey Rivers: Put her out of her misery.