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Kingsland (Character)
from West of Zanzibar (1928)

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West of Zanzibar (1928)
Doc: Take this, it will make you feel better.
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': Break that glass! I might drink out of it... by mistake!

Phroso 'Dead-Legs': I'm particular who I eat with. Feed her on the floor!
Doc: I'm down pretty low, but not so far that I'll stand for this.
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': Yair? Well, you'll stand for anything *I* say.
Maizie: Say, Mister! Don't get in trouble on account of me.
Doc: I'll eat with her. I'm particular about who I eat with, too.

Doc: You're only a kid. You've still got a chance to be anything you want.
Maizie: So have you... if you'll get hold of yourself. You're not old.
Doc: Not old? From all I've seen and done, I'm as old as Santa Claus.

Babe: He's dead! That means the girl goes with him!
Doc: If she she's going, Dead-Legs will go first!

Tiny: Dead-Legs is crazy to keep stealin' that bloke's ivory! He'll get nailed... sure!
Doc: We're the ones who are crazy! We'll get nailed... not him!

Doc: Dead-Legs, we've robbed that trader of plenty. Let's beat it before he gets us.
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': No. I'm even goin' to send him word where to find the man who's robbin' him.
[Doc starts to speak in protest]
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': I said *No!* He made me this thing that crawls... now I'm ready to bite!
Tiny: Yair, bite! I'll bet that's what the cannibals did to Babe!
Doc: Babe's all right! I sent him to Zanzibar! He's bringin' back a little sweetheart... for Doc! A blonde one!

Bumbu: King Lunkaboola... he... come!
Doc: Dead-Legs, if you keep bringin' those black-birds here for your daft shows... they'll tumble to our game!
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': Forget it, Doc! Get my box of tricks!
Doc: We'll end up being a mess of chops for those cannibals!
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': Chops... nothin'! I'm goin' to be king of the whole pack!

Doc: You're a puzzle, Dead-Legs. One minute you're a fiend and the next... you're almost human.
Phroso 'Dead-Legs': You ain't here to understand me, Doc. You're here 'cause I need you to keep me crawlin'.
Doc: At that, I guess it's healthier to be with you than against you.

Maizie: Why let him feed you with that stuff? You look as if you used to be somebody.
Doc: Let's not talk about that. Just seeing you has made me do enough thinking.
Maizie: Funny world. You tryin' to forget who you are... and me tryin' to find out who I am.

Doc: [to King Lunkaboola] Fire! Only... thing... great... Evil Spirit... fears! White master... greater... than... all... Evil Spirits! He... fears... nothing!
[Dead-Legs waves a stick of fire and pretends to swallow it]

Doc: Hide that mask! If those cannibals find out you're the voodoo we'll land in the stew-pot!

Doc: We couldn't get her across the compound! Their eyes are glued on her!

Kongo (1932)
Tula: How you do?
Kingsland: Well, am I seeing things or is this a white woman?
Flint: Portuguese.