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Quotes for
Titta di Girolamo (Character)
from The Consequences of Love (2004)

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The Consequences of Love (2004)
Titta: Life without fantasy may be a mortal show.

Titta: Dad?
Valerio: Dad is dead, but nobody told him.

Titta: Bad luck doesn't exist. It is just an invention of losers and poors.

Carlo: Do you know what scare me, doctor? To die of old age... I want to die in a daring way.
Titta: It needs courage to die in a daring way.

man at the bar: You are lying!
Titta: Truth is boring.

Titta: You stole my life. And I'm stealing your suitcase.
Nitto Lo Riccio: I see. But without the suitcase there's no life.
Titta: I know that.
Nitto Lo Riccio: You'll tell us where you put the suitcase.
Titta: No. I don't think so.
Nitto Lo Riccio: Do you know why? Because you're a good person. And because we're more intelligent than you.
Titta: That's true. I've never been very intelligent.

Titta: Shy people notice everything but they don't get noticed.

Titta: In the world there's a certain kind of cult, with men and women of all social classes, of all ages and of all religions. It is the insomniacs cult. I'm part of it. For ten years. Those who don't belong to the cult sometimes tend to say: "If you can't sleep, you can read, watch TV, study or do something else". That kind of phrase is deeply annoying to the members of the cult. And the reason is simple. Cause the insomniac has only one obsession: to sleep.