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Quotes for
Travis Sheehan (Character)
from Farewell Calm Days (2010)

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Farewell Calm Days (2010)
Jack Glory: [Points at Darkhex's dead body] Shouldn't we do something about that?
Knives Leracko: [pause] Nah.
Jack Glory: [Shrugs] Okay. Works for me!
Travis Sheehan: [Returning from daze of mind control] Hey, guys... I had the craziest dream. I was surrounded by a lot of women...

Jack Glory: My fight was tougher.
Travis Sheehan: No. My fight was tougher.
Jack Glory: I had to fight a voodoo master with issues!
Travis Sheehan: I had to fight a loud mouth swordsman!
Jack Glory: So?
Travis Sheehan: Cry about it!
Jack Glory: What? Just shut up! It was a freakin' voodoo master!
Travis Sheehan: No, you shut up!
Knives Leracko: [Annoyed] How about you BOTH just shut up...?
Travis Sheehan: [They arrive at two paths] I say we go that way...
Jack Glory: I say we should go this way.
[Points in other direction]
Knives Leracko: [Grabs onto head, frustrated]
Travis Sheehan: Um, let's not and say we didn't...
Jack Glory: How about -
[Cut off by Travis]
Travis Sheehan: I say we should go this way.
Jack Glory: ...No.
Travis Sheehan: And NOT go that way.
Jack Glory: You know what? You have a VERY bad sense of direction!
Travis Sheehan: Shut up! I got cut up more than you, I have brain damage!
Jack Glory: Of course you do! You're a clumsy fool!
Travis Sheehan: At least I have two eyes.
Knives Leracko: [Grabs onto sword]